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Notary Bulletin

New Notary Stamps: Smaller, Easier To Use

The NNA’s Style Stamps and Elite Stamps received a makeover this month with new, improved features that make them easier to use.

Notaries Updated On The State Of eNotarization

The NNA’s Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Bill Anderson, earlier this month spoke at an event in Maryland attended by more than 100 Notaries on the current state of electronic notarization addressing how it works, the laws governing electronic transactions, where it’s going, and more.

WWYD: The Case Of The Unidentifiable Signer-Your Answers

Last month, we posed the scenario of the Unidentifiable Signer, in which a nicely dressed woman provided an ID with a photo that didn’t bear much resemblance to the person in front of you. Our Facebook Community provided great answers,

Handling Requests To Notarize Out-Of-State Documents

Notaries know they are only authorized to notarize within the jurisdiction defined by your state. But what do you do if a signer needs to have an out-of-state document notarized?

Where To Get The New California Notary Certificates

There are several ways to obtain certificates that have the compliant language. If you are an NNA member, the updated certificates are available immediately at no cost as a member benefit. If you are not an NNA member, you may purchase Notary certificates with the 2015-compliant language.

Low-Cost Ways To Advertise Your Notary Business

Getting the word out when you're running a Notary business can be tricky — especially if you are on a tight budget. But these easy, low-cost ways to advertise can help.

eMortgages Gaining Momentum Despite Compliance Challenges

A growing majority of mortgage industry professionals are either in the process of implementing eMortgage strategies or are planning to do so by the year’s end, according to a 2014 industry survey.

Mortgage Bankers Forecast 7-Percent Lending Growth For 2015

The Mortgage Bankers Association predicts that total home mortgage lending will increase 7 percent in 2015, driven largely by a sharp rise on new purchase loans. For Notary signing agents who rely on mortgage refinance assignments, the news isn’t so rosy. The MBA anticipates that refi activity will drop by 3 percent, according to the association’s October Mortgage Finance Forecast.