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July 2014

2014 State Laws, Rules Address ‘Notario’ Abuse

Five states have passed laws and administrative rules in 2014 to guide Notaries dealing with immigration-related notarizations and stop criminals from misusing the title “Notary Public” to defraud immigrants

Four Mistakes That Will Damage A Notary Signing Agent’s Reputation

Professional conduct is essential for building your reputation as a Notary signing agent. So if you want to keep your prime spot on signing service and title company Notary lists, be sure to avoid the following missteps that can kill your reputation.

Husband And Wife: Notary Partners In Business And In Life

Some people flee their coworkers once the day comes to an end, but these two can’t wait to spend time together outside of the office. Meet Curtis and Barbara Daniels, a husband and wife Notary team from Oceanside, California, who have been in business together for 11 years.

Signings For Foreign Buyers Jump As International Sales Of U.S. Homes Skyrocket

The housing market may be in the doldrums, but buyers from other countries can’t get enough of U.S. residential real estate. In the 12-mother period ending March 31, foreign buyers spent $92.2 billion on residential real estate purchases, a 35-percent jump from the previous year, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors.

Slow And Steady Housing Recovery Depends On Minorities And Millennials

Increased home sales and a rise in home values indicate that the housing market is heading in the right direction, according to a Harvard University report. Total recovery, however, remains stunted by low housing inventory and economic hurdles facing potential homebuyers. Despite the challenges, analysts predict a strong future for the market, and see millennial and minority homebuyers as key to take charge of the long-term recovery.