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December 2010

2011 Conference Isn't Only For Notaries

Conference 2011 is themed “Managing Risks In Today’s World” — but those risks affect not only Notaries but their bosses, too.

Author Of Arizona Immigrant Law Elected Secretary Of State

Kris Kobach, a key architect of Arizona’s strict anti-illegal immigration law, has been elected Kansas Secretary of State, and will oversee the state’s Notaries and elections, among other duties.

Hotline Tip: What Is A Living Will?

A “living will” is a written statement of a signer’s wishes regarding medical treatment in the event the signer is incapacitated and unable to give instructions.

Notaries Removed From 'Sovereign Citizens'Lawsuit

Two upstate New York Notaries were dropped from a federal racketeering lawsuit after proving to the plaintiffs’ attorney that they were innocent pawns used by members of the so-called “sovereign citizens” movement.

"Most Notarized" Poll Shows Great Diversity

While people commonly associate notarization with real estate transactions, nearly three-fourths of all signed and sealed documents involve other transactions and industries, according to respondents to the November poll featured in the Notary Bulletin.