Learn to Prepare Immigration Forms

Expand your services and grow your business by learning to fill out immigration forms. Get clear, step-by-step instructions and helpful tips with our convenient online course or live seminars.

Online Immigration Forms Course

Learn at your own pace from your home or office. Developed with busy people in mind, How to Prepare Immigration Forms lets you stop, start and replay the parts you need so you can fill out USCIS forms confidently.

audience listening to seminar instructor

Live Immigration Forms Seminar

Get hands-on practice and discover business opportunities in our live seminar. Taught by a professional instructor, the seminar is a fun and memorable way to gain useful skills and knowledge.

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Why train with the National Notary Association®?

The NNA has a 60-year track record of providing effective career training. To offer the most current information and know-how, we worked with immigration attorneys to develop our immigration forms course and seminar.