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Financial and Corporate Services

Robo Signing Fallout Continues To Hit Legal, Financial Industries

The ripple effect of the foreclosure crisis continues to impact the legal and financial industries, with a number of companies and once-major law firms now facing severe sanctions, or, in some cases, being forced to shut down their doors completely.

Robo-Signing In Your Workplace

While the mortgage industry has cracked down on “robo-signing” involving foreclosure documents, accusations of unethical document signings and notarizations continue to impact law firms and other businesses.

2013 Mortgage Hiring Forecast

Changes in the mortgage industry as well as an improving financial outlook bode well for Notaries who are seeking a new job or searching for additional sources of income.

Mortgage Crisis Triggers Stronger Focus On Vendors

The use of outside vendors by loan servicers is not new, but their role in default servicing and the adequacy of their work has drawn increasing regulatory scrutiny during the last two years. Work performed by Notaries has taken center stage, garnering particular attention in the context of mortgage servicing.

Thousands Of Mortgage Fraud Complaints Filed Against Attorneys

A “huge” number of mortgage fraud-related complaints are being filed against attorneys and law firms, according to the American Bar Association. And many of these complaints involved “loan modification” scams that actively try to recruit Notaries for illegal activities, a California State Bar spokesperson warned.

Expert Tips For Landing A Job Using Social Media

According to a recent Careerbuilder survey, 37% percent of employers now use social media platforms to screen potential job seekers — and that number is likely to rise. Implementing specific strategies using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms can help escalate your career search and broaden your professional opportunities.

Q&A: Powers Of Attorney, And How To Handle Them

Q&A: Powers Of Attorney, And How To Handle Them

Notaries need to be especially alert for problems when notarial acts involving powers of attorney because it’s tempting for a dishonest person to abuse their positions when acting as another person’s representative,

CFPB Increases Scrutiny On Third Party Vendors And Banks That Employ Them

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released an alert to banks and small business financial institutions under its supervision, reminding them that they are responsible for proper oversight of all third-party service providers they employ, to ensure they are compliant with new federal regulations.