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May 2013

Hotline Tip: How Do I Perform A Signature By Mark?

I have been asked to notarize documents for a signer who is impaired due to a stroke. He is unable to sign his name, but is able to make an "X" on the signature line. How, exactly, do I perform this type of notarization?

Five NSA Supplies You Can't Live Without

From business cards to super-savvy smartphone apps and invoicing software, veteran Notary Signing Agents weigh in on the products they use most and like the best.

Make Extra Income As A Virtual Assistant

As employment figures begin to take a turn for the better, Notaries nationwide are discovering innovative ways to expand their services and increase their income potential.

Determining If Yelp Is For You

With over 60 million registered users and over 20 million reviews posted on the site, Yelp continues to dominate the social review space on the Internet. Consumers frequently turn to Yelp to look up mechanics, restaurants and other businesses. But Notaries?

Handling Notary Journal Inspection Requests

When someone asks to see an entry in your journal, there are important guidelines to follow to make sure the privacy of unrelated entries is protected. Here are recommendations when asked about a journal entry.