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Celebrating The 2008 Notary Of The Year: Liz Adams

As the deadline nears for 2012 Notary of the Year nominations on December 30, the NNA takes a final look back at a past distinguished NOTY recipient. This week’s profile features 2008 Notary of the Year Liz Adams.

Costa Rica Begins Accepting 'Apostilles'

Costa Rica is now accepting apostilles to authenticate notarized documents exchanged with other countries, making it easier for U.S. companies and individuals to do business in the Central American nation.

Federal Bill Would Let Post Office Compete For Notary Services

Retail businesses that offer Notary services could soon face some stiff competition if a measure pending before Congress is passed giving the U.S. Postal Service authority to offer customers a wide range of services.

Job Opportunities For Paralegals Increasing

Notaries who also work as paralegals and legal assistants have good prospects in the job market during the next six years according to the Department of Labor, which reports that legal professionals are being hired in greater numbers by law firms and many other businesses.

Notarizing For Clients Using Different Languages

As with Notaries in any work environment, Notaries working for law firms may be asked to notarize documents for persons who don’t speak or write English. In all such cases, adherence to the following best practice guidelines will ensure notarizations are performed properly and all parties are protected from fraud and miscommunication.

Q&A: Notary Liability In The Legal Field

Law firms normally maintain insurance policies to protect attorneys and employees from liability — but sometimes there may be exceptions for notarizations performed by legal professionals. The Legal Professionals Section spoke with attorney Nicole LeBoeuf of Shackelford Melton & McKinley in Dallas, Texas, who frequently handles malpractice cases, on this topic.