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August 2010

Hotline Tip: Death And Life

On rare occasions, Notaries are presented with the signature of a deceased individual and asked to notarize it — an official act that should never happen.

Beware 'Beneficial Interest' When Relatives Need A Notary

Because a Notary is expected to serve impartially when identifying a document signer, notarizing a document for a relative or family member can raise suspicions of bias if the document is ever challenged in court.

Guiding Principle IX: Privacy

Sensitive personal information can cause serious harm if it falls into the wrong hands. That is why it is essential that Notaries protect the privacy of signers.

Hotline Tip: Determining The Venue

Notarial certificates typically contain the following wording "State of _______" and "County of ______", which is the venue. Find out what to put in the blank spaces!

Proper ID Is Always Proper

A new law in Arizona that strengthens how Notaries identify signers illustrates the growing national focus on this vital responsibility.