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July 2012

NSA Small Business Section Advisor: John F. Robinson

John F. Robinson is the Founder, President and CEO of The National Minority Business Council (NMBC), a non-profit organization that has been instrumental in fostering small businesses by providing educational opportunities, business seminars and a wide array of professional services to small businesses and women and minority business owners.

Hotline Tip: Jurat Or Acknowledgment?

A client asked me to notarize a letter that includes the phrase “subscribed and sworn to me this __ day of _____.” Would I use a California Jurat or a California all-purpose certificate of acknowledgment for this notarization?

NNA Opens Webinar Archives To All Notaries

Did you miss the NNA’s “How to Complete a Journal Entry” webinar because it conflicted with your schedule? If so, you may now view every webinar dating back to 2009 through the NNA’s new Webinar Archives page at

Notary Quiz: Elements Of A Satisfactory ID

Issues with identification documents are common. What if the ID has expired? What if it is a foreign ID? Test your knowledge with our Notary quiz.