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July 2009

Hotline Tip: Notarizing For Blind Signers

Vision-impaired signers are vulnerable to fraud because they may have been misled about the contents of a document. Here’s what you can do.

Hotline Tip: What Is A Testimonium Clause?

A "testimonium clause" is a phrase in certificate wording in which the Notary formally attests to the truthfulness of the preceding facts in the certificate.

Hotline Tip: Administering An Oath

An oath or affirmation can be part of another notarial act, such as a jurat, or it may be a notarial act in its own right. Read how to administer one!

Brooklyn Man Charged With Trying To Steal Brownstone

In another example of how easy it is for criminals to steal real estate, a Brooklyn man is facing trial for using forged documents to illegally take ownership of a brownstone in Harlem.

Candidate Checks Petitions Before Filing

Gubernatorial hopeful Brian Moran paused before filing his candidacy petition. That’s because he discovered that state law had recently changed to require Notaries to use a seal.