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April 2011

'Medallion Signatures' Explained

Notaries working in banks or financial institutions may be asked to provide customers with a “Medallion Signature Guarantee.” Often mistakenly refereed to as a “Medallion Notary” or “Medallion Stamp”, this request is not a notarial act. It’s a special type of signature guarantee provided within the banking industry.

Notaries Must Focus On Information Security In Post-WikiLeaks World

Following the announcement that online whistle-blower site “WikiLeaks” will release confidential data from a major banking chain, security and regulatory experts predict Notaries employed in finance and banking will see stricter workplace policies for securing and sharing sensitive data, such as journal entries.

Q&A: Background Checks For Healthcare Professionals

The Healthcare Professionals Section spoke with Ashley Hattaway, a labor and employment law attorney with the firm Burr & Forman in Birmingham, Alabama, on how background checks are used in healthcare and when Notaries may be involved with them.

Q&A: Workplace Training Limits Liability Risks

A strong workplace training program for Notaries can minimize liability risk at banks and financial institutions. The Financial & Corporate Sectionspoke with Russell Cruzan, a bank training officer in San Antonio, Texas, specializing in legal and liability issues, about the importance of workplace training.

Survey: Many Victims Aren't Reporting Medical ID Theft

Theft of a person’s medical information is a growing and increasingly costly crime trend. Despite the risks it poses — including financial losses and compromised healthcare services — many victims do not report the crime or take additional steps to protect their privacy

'Free NNA Hotline Friday' Offers Glimpse Of Member Benefits

'Free NNA Hotline Friday' Offers Glimpse Of Member Benefits

On two Fridays in the coming weeks, the National Notary Association will open up its high-demand “Notary Hotline” to all Notaries — regardless of membership — to answer your notarial questions and guide you through difficult circumstances.