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Alternate Income Opportunities

3 Reasons To Become An Immigration Forms Specialist

Notaries often encounter customers who need help with immigration paperwork. Some states offer the option of becoming an immigration forms specialist, offering services that don't involve legal advice or representation.

Why Becoming A Notary Is The Ultimate Side Gig

If you’re looking for work-from-home jobs or part-time jobs, consider becoming a Notary first because it opens the door to several additional side gigs.

Notaries and photo inspections

Learn more about Notaries performing photo inspections as an additional source of income.

How Notaries Can Add 'Wedding Officiant' To Their List Of Services

Currently, only Florida, South Carolina, Maine and Nevada authorize Notaries to perform weddings as part of their official duties. However, entrepreneurial Notaries in other states are finding innovative ways to add “wedding officiant” to their growing list of client services.

Living Trusts And Mentors: How One Notary Found A New Way To Make Money

When Fresno signing agent and business owner Shelly Kitchen saw her loan signing assignments go from 25 to 35 a week to about 10 a month, she wasn’t surprised — it’s a reality of the cyclical mortgage industry, after all. Still, she knew she had to find ways to diversify her Notary business in order to keep afloat.

Alternate Income Opportunity: Mobile Exam Proctors

Proctoring exams for online students is a growing field with potential work for Notaries seeking to supplement their primary careers and make extra money. Learn how this can help build your Notary business.