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A Legacy Of Giving

For 60 years the National Notary Association has been dedicated to serving and supporting Notaries, as well as helping the public through charitable efforts.

Notaries Dedicated To Serving Their Communities

The NNA’s Notary of the Year honor recognizes Notaries who go beyond their duties to help others. Here's a look at a few outstanding Notary of the Year recipients.

The National Notary Foundation: 20 Years Of Giving

Founded in 1997, the National Notary Foundation (NNF) and the Notaries who support it have donated to medical research, educational programs and disaster relief efforts.

Quiz: Sorry, No Can Do!

Notaries need to recognize situations where they must turn a customer down — even if it’s your employer or a loved one. Take our quiz to see if you know when to say “Sorry, No Can Do!”

What Steps Must Be Taken When A Notary Dies?

When a Notary passes away, there are legal obligations to dispose of the Notary's tools properly. Learn more about what needs to be done for a deceased Notary.