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Corporate Social Responsibility

The National Notary Association’s (NNA) Corporate Responsibility values focus on environmental and sustainable business practices, responsible giving and maintaining employee work/life balance. Our responsible and benevolent business practices enhance the lives of our employees and our customers alike. Founded in 1957, the NNA understands the importance of these core values, and we work hard to integrate sustainable and responsible practices into all that we do.

We value our employees

Treat employees like they make a difference, and they will.

We invest in our employees in many ways. One of our main corporate goals is to ensure that every NNA employee has a “best job ever” experience.

We provide training on several business and leadership topics, as well as job-specific training to continually educate our team. We offer a wide variety of benefits, including medical, vision, dental, long term disability, life insurance and AD&D, healthcare and dependent care flexible spending accounts, employee assistance program, paid family leave, and a 401(k) with profit sharing. We also offer paid time off and diverse fitness and wellness programs at our headquarters in Chatsworth, California.

Most importantly, the NNA strives to create a culture of inspiration, teamwork and recognition of a job well done. We maintain an environment that supports every employee’s effort to reach their personal and professional goals; and we do our best to provide them with the technology and tools to do their job efficiently and effectively.

We embrace diversity

Land Acknowledgment – November 2022

The National Notary Association recognizes and acknowledges the first people of the ancestral and unceded territory now home to the NNA.

For an estimated 8,000 years, Chatsworth has been inhabited by the Ventureño Chumash, Fernandeño Tataviam, and Fernandeño Tongva indigenous tribes. Examples of their continuous presence and cultural contributions include:

  • Stoney Point – Site of the local Tongva and a trading place with neighboring Tataviam and Chumash.
  • Burro Flats Painted Cave – A lasting legacy of the Chumash culture’s rock art and spiritual solstice ceremonies.

The NNA recognizes that these collective tribes are still here and are committed to lifting up their stories, culture, and community. We respectfully honor their elders, past and present, and their descendants.

Learning about and celebrating our differences matters.

people standing open field

For TASC’s first walkathon, the NNA raised $2,285 to help support adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

The Collective donated funds to support a Community Cookout event for groceries to prepare meals for the unhoused community.

The Social Justice & Inclusivity Committee was created in-house by NNA staff looking to make a difference through social justice and inclusive efforts. They recognize the uniqueness and importance of every individual and want to promote justice and fair treatment for all, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. From volunteering to having discussions on heavy topics, the Committee wants to bring awareness and change to our organization and the community.

Backpacks full of school supplies for the LAUSD Homeless Youth Program. The Collective raised $10,000 to provide 200 students with a backpack full of school supplies and gift cards for food and shoes.

In a short amount of time, the team has supported various causes and organizations that help vulnerable individuals in our community. A few of the organizations the Collective has helped:

  • The Adult Skills Center (TASC)
  • Project H.O.O.D.
  • The Valley of Change
  • Community Cookouts for the Unhoused
  • Stop Asian Hate
  • Los Angeles LGBT Center
  • LAUSD Homeless Youth Center
  • Team of Advocates for Special Kids
  • Toys for Tots

We support our community

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.

West Valley Food Bank donations.

Giving back to the community is a cornerstone of our business and a value that influences our decisions. Through a broad range of community initiatives, charitable giving and volunteerism, we seek to create value for society and bring joy to others. During the holidays, the NNA donated $20,000 to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and the West Valley Food Bank to provide toys and holiday cheer to children in our community.

Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

Breast cancer research and awareness

As a national community of Notaries, we can make a difference for breast cancer victims and survivors. Each year 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer — resulting in 41,000 casualties — and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one out of every eight women will be affected in their lifetime. Men are not immune, as more than 1,600 are afflicted with the deadly disease each year. They are our loved ones and our friends. We must help them fight their fight.

Established in the name of the NNA's late and beloved Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, the Linda Bazar Breast Cancer Fund benefits national cancer research programs — including the City of Hope — to battle the disease that robbed us of our good friend and colleague. The NNA donates $5 to the National Notary Foundation from the sale of each Breast Cancer journal to support this fund. Every year the Foundation donates $10,000 to support breast cancer research, too.

Community service hours program

Each year the NNA offers 8 hours to every employee to use at their discretion for volunteer work. As a good corporate citizen, it is our responsibility to help enrich our surrounding communities and to inspire our employees to make a positive impact on the world.

Disaster relief assistance

NNF donations to Salvation Army relief efforts.

When disaster strikes, our national community of Notaries and employees rally together with the NNF to offer critical support. We recently donated $50,000 to support hurricane and earthquake relief efforts. $25,000 in donations came from our community and the Foundation matched the donations dollar-for-dollar.

Many of our customers in Texas and Florida were severely impacted by hurricanes and by the wildfires in California. We offered to replace their lost or damaged equipment and seal stamps — the primary tool of a Notary Public — at no charge. We gave generous discounts to other Notaries in the affected regions, and any proceeds from these discounted sales went directly to the Salvation Army to help with relief efforts.

We are environmentally friendly

We love our planet, and our green efforts strive to improve it for our future generations.

We are proud of our sustainability efforts, including our state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing facilities. We strive for efficiency in everything we do.

Waste reduction is an important part of conservation at the NNA and has led to significant savings for our bottom line and, more importantly, savings for our customers. How do we reduce our waste? Lots of ways. For starters, we recycle our paper and cardboard scrap. We continually streamline our product packaging to use less material. We procure recycled materials for our manufacturing and production processes, as well as our internal office products and consumables.

Additionally, we conserve in our overhead and energy management. The NNA invested over $1 million in a solar panel energy system that covers 100% of our annual electric usage. Further, our entire office and warehouse lighting systems were recently converted to low-energy LED lighting, cutting our lighting energy use by over 40%. Our building was recently given the highest possible Energy Star rating of 100. It's all about improving our products and improving our processes to help our environment and deliver better, more environmentally friendly products, to our customers.