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June 2010

Don't Fall For The Old Excuses For Absent Signers

Say a friend asks you to notarize a power of attorney for her seriously ill mother, who is in the hospital and cannot appear before you. Even if you’ve known the friend for many years and have no reason to doubt her honesty, ignoring one of the steadfast principles of notarization is not worth the trouble it could bring.

'Federal' Seals Often Acceptable

State Notary regulating officials and some Notaries report coming across documents bearing “Federal Notary” seals. While these notarizations may appear dubious, they may well be perfectly legal — if they are performed by military Notaries.

Foreign Adoptions: A Maze Of Confusing Requirements

Adoptions from foreign countries often require extensive authentication of documents, but differing conceptions of the role of Notaries from one country to another can confuse and frustrate prospective parents.

Indiana Launches Notary Portal

Secretary of State Todd Rokita’s Business Services Division launched a new online Notary portal it says is aimed at reducing the cost of government and increasing the speed of customer service.