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Notary Bulletin

March 2011

New Wyoming Law Strengthens State Notary Practices

Wyoming has significantly modernized its Notary Public statutes with a new law that includes major definitions and ethical provisions prescribed by the Model Notary Act of 2010.

Q&A: Impact Of New State, Federal Immigration Laws

With the recent passing of high-profile immigration laws in several states, professionals in the field are more concerned than ever with issues involving proper identification and documentation. The Immigration Sectionspoke with Julie Kirchner, Executive Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and NNA Immigration SectionAdvisor, about the impact of state immigration legislation, the goals of federal anti-fraud initiatives, and the value of E-Verify to employers.

Avoid Dangerous Requests For Notarization

Working in a legal setting can bring with it a lot of pressure to do things quickly, and potentially unethically or illegally. As a professional Notary, you have a duty to say ‘no’ to requests that could leave you or your firm liable for negligence or fraud. The following are key warning signs along with suggested approaches to deal with them.

Essential Skills For Healthcare Professionals

Being a healthcare Notary requires attention to detail, compassion and diligence in following state and federal laws regulating the industry. The Healthcare Professionals Section recently spoke with Barbara Duckett, a Bronx, New York Notary with extensive career experience at Bellevue Hospital Center, about the skills important to serving patients and staff.

Housing Recovery A Long Time Coming For Some Cities

Many Notary Signing Agents are taking the initiative to look for new deal-flow in different regions and diversifying their services to discover new revenue streams. Also, while many communities are struggling, there are others showing signs of growth.

Notary Issues From The Paralegal's Perspective

Providing Notary services in the in a law office presents unique challenges. Advanced knowledge of Notary laws and best practices is essential, along with specific legal or procedural requirements for certain documents. Dorothy O’Guin, a Florida Registered Paralegal and Advanced Certified Paralegal with the Gunster law firm in Vero Beach, Florida,recently provided the Legal Professionals Section important tips about avoiding notarization pitfalls that can cause a legal problem.

Preparation Can Make Notarizing For Ill Signers Easier

If you are asked to notarize for a signer who’s in the hospital or otherwise affected by health issues, some advance planning can help ensure the notarization goes smoothly for you, the signer and the signer’s family.