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December 2016

NNA Publishes Model Electronic Notarization Act

The NNA has published MENA, a model statute for state lawmakers providing detailed rules for electronic notarization and upholds the integrity of the Notary’s role.

May I Notarize While Traveling Abroad?

Are you allowed to notarize documents while you are visiting another country? The NNA Hotline Counselors share the answer.

What To Do With Full Notary Journals

If you’ve been a Notary for several years, you may be wondering what to do with completed Notary journals you no longer use. Here are some important tips.

A Guide To Notarizing For Family Members

As a Notary, how do you stay impartial if the signer is your relative? Here are some helpful tips for handling notarization requests from family members.

Mobile Notary Tip: Getting Repeat Business

As a professional Notary, it is important to not only find new customers but keep them coming back. Here are some tips for building a loyal customer base.