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Notary Bulletin

‘Notario’ Fraud Expected To Spike After Obama’s Immigration Order

In the wake of President Obama’s proposed executive action to address immigration issues announced last month, federal, state and local government officials are gearing up for an expected upsurge in immigration services fraud involving con artists using the Spanish term “Notario Publico” to mislead victims.

The State Of The Notary Office

The NNA’s Vice Chair Deborah Thaw provided an update on the “State of the American Notariat” in October during a speech at the 2014 Conference of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries in Honolulu, Hawaii.

New CA Certificate Law: Seven FAQs Answered

Many Notaries have questions about the new California certificate wording changes taking effect January 1, 2015. NNA Vice President of Legislative Affairs Bill Anderson answers five of the most commonly asked questions.

NNF Gives Back in 2014: Thank You!

The benevolence of Notaries was robust in 2014 as the National Notary Foundation donated nearly $50,000 to programs that support the lives of the less fortunate and others in need across the country.

Branding Your Notary Business With The Right Name

If you have your own Notary business — or are considering starting one — coming up with a memorable, professional name can help build credibility and make it easier for potential customers to find and remember you.