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July 2013

Is Yelp For You

The National Notary recently interviewed NNA member Eli Angote, founder and CEO of, a national, mobile Notary service, about how he uses Yelp to build a positive reputation for his business.

Surging Home Prices: Boom Or Bubble

Rapidly rising home prices and mortgage rates are raising concerns among many observers of a new bubble in the housing market, while others believe the market is making up for losses sustained during the recession.

Becoming A 'Go-To' Signing Agent

The goal of every Notary Signing Agent is to become the “go-to” person for clients in their area. Knowledge, flexibility, and professionalism go a long way toward achieving that goal.

National Foreclosure Rate Down 14 Percent

In another sign that the housing market is improving, the foreclosure rate saw a monthly drop of 14 percent in June, its lowest level since late 2006.

Industry News: Chinese Homebuyers Bring Cash To U.S. Market

Rising home prices and sluggish economies overseas have combined to keep many foreign homebuyers out of the U.S. market in the past year, but buyers from China flush with cash proved to be big spenders, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).