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March 2013

NNA 2013 Has Something For Every Notary, Signing Agent

NNA 2013 Conference is offering a complete package of workshops and events for all Signing Agents — from new Notaries seeking NNA certification to veteran NSAs looking to expand their business.

Watch Out For Notarios Offering Bad Tax, Immigration Advice

As next month’s income tax deadline draws near, officials in a number of states are cracking down on tax preparers moonlighting as “Notarios” — people who pose as legal professionals to scam immigrants.

Hotline Tip: Is A Social Security Card Considered A Valid ID For Notarization?

A signer asked me to notarize a document upon which his name is displayed slightly differently than the name on his driver’s license. I understand from my Notary training that in the case of a name discrepancy I should ask for another form of ID, but what — besides a valid driver’s license — is considered an acceptable form of ID? Would a Social Security card work?