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April 2010

Anti-Notario Efforts Expand In America

A growing number of states are taking swift action against a rise in fraudulent immigration consultants, many of which are operating under the guise of “Notarios Publicos.”

Florida’s Missed Opportunity To Lead And Protect The Public

Why would a state that consistently ranks among the top three in the nation for mortgage fraud ignore a strong recommendation — from a committee of its own Senate — to adopt a simple requirement that has proven to be effective in preventing and prosecuting mortgage fraud?

Guiding Principle VII: The Seal

Whether in traditional or electronic form, the seal is an essential tool of notarization and an important symbol of the Notary’s authority.

Hotline Tip: Be Wary Of Incomplete Documents

Notarizing an incomplete document exposes a signer to fraud, so no official instrument should be notarized unless it is complete and free of blank spaces.

Know How To Handle Bizarre Requests

While they aren’t everyday occurrences, Notaries sometimes encounter odd, unusual or troubling requests for notarizations from the public.

Notaries Now Planning Their Custom Conference Experience

To better help Notaries take advantage of the newly designed programs, workshops and special futures awaiting them at Conference 2010 in Chicago, the NNA has launched a valuable interactive tool called “MyConference.”

Webinar Offers Confidence In Completing Certificates

Registration is now open for the NNA’s much anticipated Webinar — titled “How to Complete Notarial Certificates Right the First Time” — a session that will train Notaries and employers on best practice methods to eliminate costly errors, which often lead to compliance or liability issues.