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About Notary Signing Agents


What is a Notary Signing Agent?

Learn what a Notary Signing Agent is and why you should become an NSA.

State Restrictions

Certain restrictions that may apply to Signing Agents and their ability to handle loan signings.

Signing Agent Policies

Brief history of the Signing Professionals Workgroup and ALTA industry standards.

Becoming a Notary Signing Agent


How to Become a Notary Signing Agent

Step-by-step guide to becoming a Signing Agent, including training and exam requirements.

Background Screenings

Everything you need to know about the required background screening and how it's scored.

How to Do a Loan Closing as a Signing Agent

How-to article on how to do a loan closing as a Notary Signing Agent.

Notary Signing Agent Resources

Non-Payment Issues

Find sample collection letters and tips to ensure you get paid on time.

Notary Signing Agent Loan Documents

Overview of the most common NSA forms you should be familiar with.

Rescission Calendar

Download the 2019-2020 rescission calendar.

Signing Agent Pledge Card

Download the NSA pledge card.

Notary Signing Agent Supplies

Make loan signings easier with these NSA expert-approved tech and books.

Signing Agent FAQs

Learn how to manage and improve your profile for more business.