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January 2015

What Would You Do: A Signer With No Hands

Imagine it’s a busy day at work when a man walks in needing a jurat for an affidavit. The man needs to sign the document in front of you, but there’s one problem: He has no hands.

A Mobile Notary’s Story: Held Hostage At A Closing

As mobile Notaries, we meet many people and travel to a lot of different locations but, safety is always a prime concern. While most people are nice and cooperative, every so often we run into a crazy person.

Answers To Questions About Illinois’ ‘Notarial Record’ Program

The NNA Hotline has received a number of calls recently about a pilot program in Illinois requiring Notaries in the state to complete a “Notarial Record” when notarizing certain Cook County real estate documents. This guide will help Notaries in the Prairie State comply with this unusual requirement.

Notary Of Over 30 Years Offers Five Tips For Long-Term Success

Throughout his 30-plus years as a Notary, Herbert Guinup has seen booms and busts, industry shifts, and more changes than he can count. Along the way he has picked up several tried-and-true strategies to ensure his career longevity.

What Businesses Need To Know About The New CA Notary Wording

With California’s Notary certificate changes taking effect earlier this month, businesses are asking how the new law will affect their documents. Here are answers to three common questions from businesses.

Can I Notarize An Incomplete Document?

I have been asked to have a client sign a document in which none of the blanks have been completed. Is this legal? Or ethical?