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January 2011

Apostille Issuance Procedures Unnecessary

In recent months, some signers have requested guidance from Notaries on obtaining official “issuance procedures” for apostilles issued by their Notary-regulating authority. These letters are being requested by foreign governments to further help “certify” apostilles issued by American Notaries are valid.

Making Apostilles Work

Every year, millions of notarized documents connected to business and personal transactions are sent across international borders. But this global interaction does not always flow smoothly. The International Section recently spoke at length with Christophe Bernasconi, First Secretary of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, about the issues surrounding the international acceptance of documents. The following is an abridged version of his comments.

McCourt Lesson: Do It Right And Avoid The Spotlight

The notarization of a postnuptial agreement helped establish the timeline of events in a high-profile divorce case and exposed that a family attorney altered the agreement after it had been signed and notarized.

Notary Records Are Your Best Evidence

Not all states require that Notaries keep a Notary journal, but your records are your best friend when it comes to protecting yourself. Find out why!

Outsourcing Electronic Medical Records Raising Identity Protection Concerns

With patient privacy and medical identity theft a growing concern, healthcare professionals are closely examining the risks of outsourcing electronic medical record systems to foreign companies, which are not subject to the rigorous security requirements mandated by U.S. law.

Protect Your Records From 'The Inside Job'

Medical identity theft is difficult to identify and mitigate because it is not discovered quickly, and often involves inside access by employees at healthcare facilities — a key reason for healthcare Notaries to protect their records from unauthorized access by co-workers in the workplace.

Q&A: Saying 'No' To Improper Requests

Saying “no” to an improper notarization when your boss is an attorney can be daunting…but it’s critical if you are asked to perform an illegal notarization. Richard Busch, a surety attorney who represents Merchants Bonding Company has defended many Notaries and offers these suggestions.

'Specially Designated Nationals' On Federal Watch List

Notaries must be aware that the U.S. Department of Treasury prohibits certain foreign nationals from doing business with the U.S., and if one of them requests a notarization it must be refused.

The Challenges Of Medical Powers Of Attorney

Having dealt with countless medical powers of attorney and the challenges that come with them, Carol Salter, a Notary at McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado, discusses her methods to keep them sound.