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Trusted Notary

The National Notary Association’s Trusted Notary® program provides a single-source solution that helps organizations manage their Notary-employees. Trusted Notary provides training, supplies and insurance for your Notary-employees in all fifty states. 

Learn more about the important role that Notaries play within your organization and how to establish a Notary management program by downloading Trusted Notary’s “An Employer’s Guide to Managing Its Notary Workforce”.  And discover how Trusted Notary has worked with various banks to help create their own Notary programs.

Trusted Notary Services — Centralized Supply Fulfillment

Trusted Notary Services

Makes ordering supplies for your organization's Notaries simple and trouble-free. Preapproved custom packages ensure your Notary-employees have what they need to comply with state laws.

NotaryTracker™ — Online Notary Employment Management


A management system that gives your organization oversight of your Notary workforce by ensuring that they are qualified and trained. An easy-to-use system tracks commission expiration dates and provides third-party completion records of training courses.

Notary Hotline

Notary Hotline

Unlimited over-the-phone guidance for your Notary-employees when they need it. Our experts answer your Notary's questions and help them comply with laws and regulations for all fifty states. 

Group Errors & Omissions Insurance — Comprehensive Coverage

NNA Executive Consultants

The National Notary Association offers a competitively priced, no deductible, comprehensive Group E&O program specifically tailored to cover all of your Notaries. Coverage includes legal defense costs and any resulting judgments against your Notary up to the coverage limits on your policy, including court costs.

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Contact us to see how the NNA and Trusted Notary can help you to establish or improve your organization's Notary compliance program.

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Vice President, Business Development
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Business Development Executive
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