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February 2012

Bulgaria, Italy Latest EU Nations To Open Up Notary Profession

Bulgaria has become the latest European Union nation to open up its notarial services to greater competition. The action there follows legislation enacted recently in Italy to deregulate its largely closed Notary profession.

Q&A: Opportunities Working As An Independent Notary And Paralegal

Though many legal professionals work full-time for law firms and businesses, others choose to work independently and travel to offer services to clients. The Legal Professionals Section spoke with Angel Kavanaugh of Angel’s Mobile Notary and Paralegal Services in Beaverton, Oregon, about her work as an independent legal professional.

Q&A: Universal Patient Identification

With patient identity verification a key issue in the healthcare industry, some experts have proposed the implementation of a Universal Patient Identifier (UPI) — unique ID numbers associated with individual patient medical records. The Healthcare Professionals Section recently spoke with Dr. Bal M. Rajagopalan, CEO of the Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute and a medical consultant for ABC News, to get his thoughts on the UPI issue.

The Seven Words That Can Save A Business Meeting Gone Bad

Just about every entrepreneur has experienced a business meeting or sales pitch that somehow went wrong. You can keep trying to make your point — and likely lose a client. Or, says best-selling business writer Andrew Sobel, you can try seven little words.

When Not To Notarize A Healthcare Document

Healthcare documents that can affect a patient’s wishes — such as powers of attorney — can significantly impact the signer’s medical treatment and finances. To ensure critical healthcare documents are not used to exploit the signer, Notaries should never to notarize under the following conditions ...

Three Flawed Notary Practices That Put You At Risk

Flawed Notary practices can put you at serious risk. No matter how urgently a document needs to be notarized, or how demanding a client or employer is, violating the essential rules of notarization leaves you exposed to lawsuits.