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January 2017

Can Anyone Look Through My Notary Journal?

By NNA Staff on January 12, 2017 - Does Alabama law state if someone may request to search through a Notary's journal? The NNA Hotline Team provides guidance.

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By Michael Lewis on January 11, 2017 - When ALTA updated its Best Practices to deal with Notary Signing Agents, what does that mean for the Signing Professionals Workgroup (SPW)? Executives from both groups say their work fits together.

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ALTA Best Practices And What They Mean For Notary Signing Agents

By Michael Lewis on January 11, 2017 - The American Land Title Association has published new standards for the vetting of Notary Signing Agents by title insurance and settlement companies.

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4 Lawsuits, 4 Lessons In Notary Liability

By David Thun on January 04, 2017 - Every Notary’s nightmare is being named in a lawsuit. These four cases teach important lessons that can help you avoid serious legal trouble and expenses.

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Can I Replace My Current Notary Journal If It Is Damaged?

By NNA Staff on January 04, 2017 - If your Notary journal suffers water damage, can you stop using it and start a new one? The NNA Hotline Team has the answer.

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Test Yourself: How Good Are Your Notary Journal Practices?

By David Thun on January 04, 2017 - Do your Notary journal entries have all the information required by your state? How should you handle full journals? Test your Notary journal best practices here.

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