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February 2018

Webcam Electronic Notarization Standards Adopted And Other Developments

By NNA Staff on February 28, 2018 - The National Association of Secretaries of State adopted a set of standards for webcam notarization last month.

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Do I Need To Include The Driver’s License Number In My Notary Journal?

By NNA Staff on February 21, 2018 - Does a South Carolina Notary need to record the serial number on a driver's license for the journal entry? The NNA Hotline Team has your answers.

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Facebook Updates for Your Notary Business Page

By Cindy Medrano on February 15, 2018 - New changes are coming to the Facebook News Feed that will affect your Notary business pages.

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Webcam Notarization 2018: What You Need To Know

By Michael Lewis on February 15, 2018 - As more states consider passing laws authorizing webcam notarizations, the practice continues to cause confusion among Notaries and signers alike. Here are answers to the most common questions.

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If I’m Notarizing In A New State, Do I Need To Ask For A Signer’s Thumbprint?

By NNA Staff on February 14, 2018 - A Notary who just moved asks if it's still required to ask for a journal entry thumbprint from signers. The NNA Hotline has the answers.

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What Is The Best Way To Attach A Notary Certificate?

By NNA Staff on February 07, 2018 - Is there a recommended method to attach certificate wording to a document? The NNA Hotline Team has your answers.

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