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October 2013

10 Spooky Facts About Halloween

If you're out on a signing this Halloween, here are 10 spooky holiday facts from HooplaHa you can share with your signers.

Major Updates Enacted To States Notary Laws

Pennsylvania has enacted major updates to its Notary laws, including a new education and seal requirement as well as guidelines for when a Notary may refuse to perform a notarial act.

WWYD Answers: The Case Of The Soccer Moms Missing ID

Last week we posed a scenario, The Case of the Soccer Mom’s Missing ID, about a Notary who was approached by a fellow soccer mom who lacked ID but needed a document notarized. The question is: Would you reject the notarization and risk losing your customers’ future business, or is there a way to perform the notarization that is within the law?

Special Report: New Standards For Mortgage Signings

A special committee of executives from major lenders and title companies has announced a new set of standards for signing agents. The group, called the Signing Professionals Workgroup, introduced the standards at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s 100th Annual Convention in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

The Certified Signing Specialist Standards

The Certified Signing Specialist Standards are designed to benefit the entire real estate finance industry. The Standards will help lenders and the companies that hire you by enabling them to meet the demands of government regulators while offering a consistent borrower experience regardless of the lender or Signing Specialist. A

The Transition Process: From Signing Agents To Certified Signing Specialists

With tens of thousands of Signing Agents and numerous lenders, title companies and signing services in the real estate finance environment, there is naturally going to be a transition period before the Certified Signing Specialist program is fully in place. Here’s how the transition will work: