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May 2014

Minnesota Notaries Get A Significant Raise

2014 has been a busy year for states raising the amount Notaries can charge for their services. Minnesota is the newest state, raising fees its Notaries may charge effective August 1.

Q&A: eClosing Issues From A Notary's Point Of View

The issue of electronic loan closings and how they will affect the way loan documents are notarized has raised questions among Notary signing agents. NNA 2013 Notary of the Year Kathy Fletcher of Glendale, Arizona, was one of a small number of Notaries certified in 2012 to perform eClosings in her state. The Notary Bulletin talked with her about her experience with eClosings and the issues she encountered.

Hotline Tip: Can Notaries Perform Work-Related Notarizations In Other States?

I manage our company’s team of Notaries, one of whom is located in Alabama and will soon be taking a business trip to Texas. She is interested in performing notarizations while there, as part of her job responsibilities. While I have performed notarizations for clients pertaining to documents from other states, I’ve never performed notarizations in a state outside of my own. Would this be an acceptable practice?

Notary Safety: Four Tips For Protecting Yourself On The Road

For mobile Notaries traveling to unfamiliar locations, meeting total strangers and driving long distances, keeping safe on the road and at the assignment is always a top priority. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Hotline Tip: The Escrow Company Owes Me Money

I performed two separate signings for which I was never paid. In both cases, the escrow company was paid by the title company; however, the escrow company has since filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy documents and is unable to pay me my fees. Is there any sort of recourse I can take in order to collect the fees owed to me?