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Can I Email Documents To Be Notarized Elsewhere?

A bank employee asks if a signer's ID can be verified and the documents emailed to a different location to be notarized. Our NNA Hotline counselors answer the question.

Can My Employer Choose What Notary Tools I Use?

A California Notary asks if her employer can require her to use a different seal and journal than the one she purchased. The NNA Hotline Team answers your questions.

How Do I Notarize For A Deaf Signer?

A New Jersey Notary asks if there are special procedures when notarizing for a deaf signer. The NNA Hotline Team has the answers.

Signing Agent Tip: Loan Signings And ID Issues

If a lender, title company or contracting agency wants additional proof of identity for a signer during a loan closing, here's what NSAs should do.