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Notary Bulletin

August 2014

What If The Notary Certificate Has The Wrong Venue Information?

I am a notary in PA. My firm recently submitted for a project in NJ. When I was given the document to notarize, it had already been filled out “County of ___________ in the State of NJ.” How am I supposed to fill this out?

Can I Use Correction Fluid To Edit A Journal Entry?

I had a scheduled notarization, but while filling out my journal the signers changed their mind and wanted to reschedule for another time. While nothing was notarized, I filled our journal entries. Should I use correction fluid to blot out the entries, or draw a line through them?

Common Notary Certificate Issues Explained

Notaries often encounter confusing scenarios with certificate wording. To help you through this process, we’ve compiled answers to commonly asked questions.

I’m A New Notary. What Do I Do Now?

You’ve just received your Notary commission. Now what should you do? Get started with helpful tips from the National Notary Association.