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Public Resources

Woman and man in business attire looking down at a paper document

Find a Notary Public

Learn how to connect with a trustworthy Notary near you. The NNA strongly recommends

How to Get Something Notarized

You need to be prepared to get something notarized. Get the details in this comprehensive guide.

What Is A Notary Public?

Everything you need to know about Notaries Public, what they do, and how they protect you.

The Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility

Learn about Notaries’ professional practices and procedures.

Important Differences Between "Notaries" And "Notarios"

A “Notario Publico” is similar to a lawyer in Hispanic countries. But in the U.S., a Notary’s role is very different. It’s essential to know the difference to avoid scammers.

State Notary Authority And Commissioning Sites

Looking for information about Notaries in your state? Start here to learn the specific details and guidelines you need.