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Notary Bulletin


Quiz: Can Notaries Do This?

Notaries are often asked to perform odd or unusual services. Take our quiz and test your knowledge of unusual notarization requests.

Quiz: What's Wrong With This Notarization?

It’s important to spot warning signs and clues that a notarization request is inappropriate or illegal. See if you can find what’s wrong in each of these 4 scenarios.

Quiz: Notary Fee Misconceptions

Notaries and signers alike are often confused about the rules for charging fees for a notarization. Take our quiz and see how many fee misconceptions you can spot.

Quiz: How Well Do You Speak Notary?

Notarization has a language all its own — and that language can be very strange and confusing. Take our quiz and find out how well you understand unusual Notary words and phrases.

Notary Quiz: How Much Do You Know About REAL IDs?

How familiar are you with REAL ID-compliant driver's licenses and IDs? Test your knowledge with this quiz from the publishers of the 2019 Keesing Documentchecker Guide.

Quiz: Spotting Notary Misconduct

Notaries must follow strict ethical standards and state Notary laws when performing their duties. But can you spot an improper or illegal request when you see it? See how well you can recognize and avoid Notary misconduct in this quiz.

Quiz: Common Notary Certificate Errors

Seemingly small mistakes on Notary certificate wording can lead to big headaches. Do you know the most common mistakes on certificate wording that cause trouble for Notaries?