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Notary Quiz: Tricky Signer Questions

Do you know how to properly answer signer questions and avoid the unauthorized practice of law? Take our quiz and find out.

Quiz: What do you know about RON?

How much do you know about remote online notarization (RON) and how it works? Take our quiz and find out.

Quiz: Can Notaries Do This?

Notaries are often asked to perform odd or unusual services. Take our quiz and test your knowledge of unusual notarization requests.

Quiz: What's Wrong With This Notarization?

It’s important to spot warning signs and clues that a notarization request is inappropriate or illegal. See if you can find what’s wrong in each of these 4 scenarios.

Quiz: Notary Fee Misconceptions

Notaries and signers alike are often confused about the rules for charging fees for a notarization. Take our quiz and see how many fee misconceptions you can spot.

Quiz: How Well Do You Speak Notary?

Notarization has a language all its own — and that language can be very strange and confusing. Take our quiz and find out how well you understand unusual Notary words and phrases.