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June 2019

Can Credible Witnesses Be Used If Signer Forgot ID?

By NNA Staff on June 14, 2019 - If a signer forgets to bring identification, can credible witnesses be used? The NNA Hotline Team has your answer.

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What Would You Do: The Case Of The Husband's POA And Divorce

By David Thun on June 13, 2019 - How would you handle a husband who wants to sign a divorce settlement on his wife's behalf? We invite readers to share your solutions.

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Notary Quick-Start Training: Questions And Answers

By Sheryl Turner on June 11, 2019 - Notaries nationwide now have access to the NNA’s Notary Quick-Start Training — an online course that walks you through 5 basic steps for error-free notarizations.

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Can Notaries Give An Oath Of Office To Their Children?

By NNA Staff on June 06, 2019 - Can Notaries administer their son's or daughter's oath of office for the state bar? The NNA Hotline Team has the answer.

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3 Tips When Rescheduling A Notary Appointment

By David Thun on June 05, 2019 - Sometimes you may have need to reschedule a notarization with a signer. If you need to reschedule, remember these tips.

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Quiz: What's Wrong With This Notarization?

By David Thun on June 05, 2019 - It’s important to spot warning signs and clues that a notarization request is inappropriate or illegal. See if you can find what’s wrong in each of these 4 scenarios.

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