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Notaries Updated On The State Of eNotarization

The NNA’s Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Bill Anderson, earlier this month spoke at an event in Maryland attended by more than 100  Notaries on the current state of electronic notarization addressing how it works, the laws governing electronic transactions, where it’s going, and more.

The eNotarization presentation, made via Skype, was part of an event held at Prince George’s County Community College to celebrate the 2014 Notary Public Day. This was the third annual Maryland event organized by 2009 Notary of the Year Elaine Wright to celebrate Notary Public Day.

Michael Lewis is Managing Editor of member publications for the National Notary Association.


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Mary Boggs

24 Nov 2014

Great presentation on eNotarization. Answered all the questions I have had about this process.


01 Dec 2014

How is the ID verified? And is this legal in the state of Texas?

National Notary Association

01 Dec 2014

Hello Milly. The Texas Secretary of State's office has posted the following information on their website ( What are the requirements for performing an electronic notarization? Any Texas notary may perform an electronic notarization. An electronic notarization must meet all of the requirements of any other notarization, such as the requirement that the signer personally appear before the notary to acknowledge the document. In addition, the notary’s electronic seal must reproduce the required elements of the notary seal. In addition, the Texas Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (“TUETA”) applies to transactions that the parties agree to conduct electronically. TUETA includes a section providing for an electronic notarization: §322.011. NOTARIZATION AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT. If a law requires a signature or record to be notarized, acknowledged, verified, or made under oath, the requirement is satisfied if the electronic signature of the person authorized to perform those acts, together with all other information required to be included by other applicable law, is attached to or logically associated with the signature or record.

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