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Low-cost ways to advertise your Notary business

Low-cost ways to advertise Notary article

Updated 10-16-23. Notaries starting or expanding a new business often don't have a lot of money to spend on marketing. Here are easy, low-cost ways to advertise from successful Notaries that can help you.

No budget = no problem

Marketing funds may be nonexistent when you're just starting out. However, technology has managed to even the playing field when it comes to creating effective, do-it-yourself marketing strategies.

  • Website Builders: Free online website builders like WordPress make it easy to create an internet presence for your business, says South Carolina Notary Sonita Leak, who also uses online marketing for her Notary business
  • Online Classified Ads: Colorado Notary David Harper was able to grow his company using Craigslist, and recommends renewing your Notary ad every 48 hours to draw in new business.
  • Notary Directories: If you are an NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent, you automatically receive a free directory listing on to advertise your Sigining Agent business. Subscribing to can also help Notaries connect with customers seeking general notarization services.
  • Social Media: Create a Facebook business page separate from your personal one, and use platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your business.
  • Old-Fashioned Networking: Joining professional associations and participating in local events through your church or chamber of commerce are great ways to network with other Notaries and connect with potential customers.
  • Testimonials and Word-of-Mouth: Solicit feedback reviews from your clients and ask them to share their positive experiences working with you. Hand out extra business cards for them to pass on to friends and colleagues.

Working on a shoestring budget

A limited marketing budget can yield maximum results if you are strategic in how and where you spend your money.

  • Business Cards: Sites like VistaPrint make it simple to design and print affordable, professional-looking business cards. Take it a step further by creating uniquely shaped cards, like Virginia Notary John Cole, who uses a circular card in the shape of a Notary seal.
  • Promotional Items: A pen, magnet, calendar or other give-away tchotchke can be effective if: (a) your brand and contact information is prominently displayed; and (b) it's an item that people will actually use — preferably again and again.

A bulkier marketing budget

Having more funds to invest in marketing can allow for even more creativity.

  • Car Decal: California Notary Laura Biewer scores "drive-by" business with her car decal emblazoned with her company name, At Your Service Mobile Notary. Google auto decal or vehicle graphics companies in your area for pricing.
  • Professional Website: If you lack the skills, time or desire to create your own, hiring a professional website designer can ensure your site functions exactly how you want it to. Make sure it allows for easy updating, so you can keep your site content fresh and appealing.
  • Designer Logo: Having a professional create a unique logo for your company can lend more credibility to your Notary business brand — and a particularly creative or attractive design may help attract new business.


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Mary Pugh

20 Nov 2014

Think about your target audience- the customers you want to attract. Spewing money and promotional items is not the solution. Do "free" things first, provide excellent service and follow up on it with requests for reviews, and maintaining contact.

Luz Rose

01 May 2017

Every good tips for the new ones like me. Thank you!

Sonita Leak

05 May 2017

Thanks for the updated information and for the feature within the article. Yes, all good tips.

04 Jun 2018

Number one free solution for you to get 99% of your business is Google business app download it is free drop a pin point on the map you can post daily you can link to your website you can have instant messaging through it and all of my customers say they find me by searching Google for notary nearest me or notary in the city they are in I can't tell enough notaries this has brought me so much business and all of my customers say that's how they find me.

Jacque Flanagan

29 Sep 2018

Good info! Thanks!

Robert Ziemlak

22 Apr 2019

This is a very good article with excellent advice. That being said, another way to promote your business is with online videos that are eye catching. Maybe design a video that explains what a notary public does and how you differ from the others? Make sure your charmingvideos are with color, well written text and most of are make your point short and sweet to the point.

Patricia Busch

25 Aug 2021

Thanks 👍 very helpful ☺️

Sharon Sams

06 Dec 2021

Thanks so much for providing such excellent suggestions! I really appreciate the calendar suggestion, especially considering the upcoming new year. I currently use magnetic business cards and will be adopting the use of a few mini calendars. Thanks again.

Cynde Aaron

28 Nov 2022

Really impressed with your use of the word "tchotchke"!

Stephen Reich

28 Nov 2022

BEWARE!!! Don't use Craigslist. That website is a haven for scammers, looking for your information, Social Security number, and notary ID

Janine Online-TX Notary

28 Nov 2022

Don't forget to post a gig on I am an online notary and got my first 2 jobs through Fiverr.

Stacy Watson

07 Dec 2022

Creating a Google Business page and Yelp listing has brought me business. They are free to create.

Wilfred Williams jr.

30 Oct 2023

I just got my Commission last month I’m looking to start my Business. Thanks for the information. I been working in the Appliance Industry for the past 25 years i dealt with a lot of Real estate companies ,I think I can tap that industry with my customers relationships

Deborah Walker

04 Nov 2023

I love the idea of leaving pens with my company information as a thank you, but have found that they are SO expensive. Also, t-shirts are a great idea. I started with just 2 and wear them everywhere.

Cheryl Steffen

05 Nov 2023

I’m just now researching how to become a Notary/signing Agent so all of this is excellent information. Thank you all for the great tips and advice! Wish me luck!


02 Feb 2024

Can you help me promote my mobile notary business? I also do (RIN) Remote Ink Notary. Please help me spread the word about my business to build up my clientele. I need free advertising now.

Tammy R Stephens

19 Feb 2024

This was very informative, Thank you for all the great information you share with the notary community.

National Notary Association

20 Feb 2024

You're welcome and we're glad you found it useful!

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