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Notary Bulletin

Q&A: Powers Of Attorney, And How To Handle Them

Notaries need to be especially alert for problems when notarial acts involving powers of attorney because it’s tempting for a dishonest person to abuse their positions when acting as another person’s representative,

USCIS Reports Delay In Immigration Document Receipt Notices

The recent deferred action ruling by the Department of Homeland Security is likely to open new floodgates for thousands of immigrants to apply for deportation reprieves and job eligibility, which has many communities bracing for a potential spike in immigration assistance fraud. Korean civil rights groups have joined other immigrant communities in issuing warnings to their undocumented youth to be aware of immigration assistance scams.

Hotline Tip: Can My Boss Examine My Journal Entries?

My employer has asked to examine my notarial journal, and possibly photocopy several entries for his records. Is he authorized to see this information, or am I obligated to keep it confidential?