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Notary Bulletin

Expert Tips For Landing A Job Using Social Media

According to a recent Careerbuilder survey, 37% percent of employers now use social media platforms to screen potential job seekers — and that number is likely to rise. Implementing specific strategies using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms can help escalate your career search and broaden your professional opportunities.

Avoid Being A Victim: Vetting Signing Companies

Unregulated signing companies prey on experienced signing agents and often assign work that may be illegal, without pay, or with payment delayed. They may even disappear altogether.

Guest Column: Personal Liability Of Notaries

Many Notaries do not fully appreciate the extent of their personal legal liability in the event they commit notarial misconduct – whether in the form of negligence or intentional wrongdoing – which causes financial injury to some individual or entity. In this column, we will explore the subject of liability, including the topics of Notary surety bonds and Notary errors and omissions insurance.

How To Spot Illegal Notary Requests

It isn’t always clear if a notarization request is illegal or unethical. If someone asks you to do something you suspect is improper, ask the following questions.

Servicing Standards Expanding To Mortgage Closings

Notary Signing Agents and others involved in the loan origination side of the mortgage industry can expect to see a greater emphasis placed on training, certification and professionalism as financial institutions and government regulators expand the scope of the National Mortgage Settlement.

Avoiding Privacy Breaches When You Notarize, And After

Any Notary working in the healthcare field knows that private information about a signer and any medical conditions must be protected. But are you aware that you might be violating someone’s privacy just by discussing their notarization in casual conversation?

How To Handle Representative Signers

If a patient is unable to sign documents due to a medical condition, a representative may be appointed through the court or a power of attorney document to sign documents on the patient’s behalf.