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Notary Bulletin

Q&A: Safeguarding Paper And Electronic Healthcare Data

The Healthcare Professionals Sectionspoke with Charla Prillaman, regional director with AAPC Physician Services, an organization providing document solution services for medical practices, to discuss how best to protect electronic and paper-based information.

State Officials Move To Fight Growing Business Identity Theft

A growing number of businesses are having their corporate identities stolen, and the consequences can be devastating, according to experts who spoke at a recent Forum held by the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Celebrating The 2011 Notary Of The Year: Chrissey Ladd

2011 Notary of the Year Chrissey Ladd uses her NNA membership to the fullest. In addition to educating co-workers and employers in the workplace, she uses NNA social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to educate and provide perspectives to the greater Notary community.

Notary Liability: Myths Vs. Facts

Notaries can named in lawsuits, even when they have performed their duties properly. Learn the facts about common Notary liability myths.