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Celebrating The 2011 Notary Of The Year: Chrissey Ladd

As we begin the search for the 2012 Notary of the Year to be honored at next year’s Conference in San Diego, the NNA takes a look back at past distinguished NOTY recipients over the years. This week’s profile is 2011 Notary of the Year Chrissey Ladd.

2011 Notary of the Year Chrissey Ladd uses her NNA membership to the fullest.

In addition to educating co-workers and employers in the workplace, she uses NNA social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to educate and provide perspectives to the greater Notary community.

Similarly, she will be leveraging her well-documented advocacy experience (see March’s issue of THE NATIONAL NOTARY) in the NNA’s new Member Advocate Program where she work with like-minded Notaries to amplify the NNA’s voice and drive issues to advance the Notary office.

Chrissey has also earned the NNA’s Trusted Notary designation, which allows her to communicate to those who may not be aware of her accomplishments and experience that she has achieved the highest standards of professional competence and ethical conduct.

“I have always been passionate about strengthening the Notary office, and I take pride in educating people on the role of the Notary Public who, in turn, educate others,” said Chrissey, who works for Oak Mortgage in New Jersey.

“My reach is so much further than I could have imagined. Being named Notary of the Year gave me a platform to both help others and affect positive change that I may not have had otherwise.”

The distinction also offers Chrissey the opportunity to promote the NNA Notary of the Year program to others. In fact, she has a message for those who are aware of outstanding Notary, but haven’t found the time to nominate them.

“There are Notaries I’ve met out there who are doing some amazing things,” she said. “But how can the rest of the Notary community know about them if nobody tells us?”


If you know a Notary who is dedicated to best practices, committed to Notary education, and interested in being a leader in the Notary community, take the time to nominate them for Notary of the Year 2012. Nominations must be received by Dec. 30, 2011.

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