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NNA Webinar Focuses On Identifying Loan Documents That Need Notarization

The National Notary Association will host a 60-minute webinar on Thursday, December 8, focusing on how Signing Agents can confidently recognize and handle documents in loan packages that must be notarized.

Titled “Confidently Identify Loan Documents That Need Notarization,” the webinar will explore a number of topics important to NSAs, including: becoming familiar with loan documents that always must be notarized, recognizing less common loan documents that typically require notarization, distinguishing loan documents that are sometimes notarized and sometimes not, and identifying challenging documents that must be notarized and handled with care, among others.

The webinar — which begins at 10:30 a.m. PT — will be presented by experienced Signing Agent and NNA Vice President of Best Practices and eNotarization, Bill Anderson. The webinar will be offered at no charge to NNA members. Non-members can access the webinar by becoming a member or by visiting this link.

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