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Notary Bulletin

Notaries Make New Law Knowledge Top Priority

With the passage of Arizona's new ID law, Notaries are quickly registering for training classes to comply with the revised directives. To accommodate their needs, the NNA has doubled its Arizona training opportunities this month.

Hotline Tip: Death And Life

On rare occasions, Notaries are presented with the signature of a deceased individual and asked to notarize it — an official act that should never happen.

Beware 'Beneficial Interest' When Relatives Need A Notary

Because a Notary is expected to serve impartially when identifying a document signer, notarizing a document for a relative or family member can raise suspicions of bias if the document is ever challenged in court.

Guiding Principle IX: Privacy

Sensitive personal information can cause serious harm if it falls into the wrong hands. That is why it is essential that Notaries protect the privacy of signers.

Hotline Tip: Determining The Venue

Notarial certificates typically contain the following wording "State of _______" and "County of ______", which is the venue. Find out what to put in the blank spaces!

Proper ID Is Always Proper

A new law in Arizona that strengthens how Notaries identify signers illustrates the growing national focus on this vital responsibility.

NNA’s ‘Why Coolidge Matters’ In D.C. Spotlight For Launch

On the 87th anniversary of President Calvin Coolidge’s homestead inaugural, a distinguished group of political leaders, scholars, and the President’s great grandson will join the National Notary Association in Washington, D.C. on for the official presentation of the landmark new book “Why Coolidge Matters” to the Library of Congress.

Without Personal Appearance, Judge Puts Brakes On DUI Cases

Notarizing documents without requiring a signer's personal appearance is a cardinal sin. But despite constant warnings about the dangers of dismissing key best practices, some Notaries still continue to put the integrity of their official acts at serious risk.