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NNA’s ‘Why Coolidge Matters’ In D.C. Spotlight For Launch

On the 87th anniversary of President Calvin Coolidge's homestead inaugural, a distinguished group of political leaders, scholars, and the President’s great grandson will join the National Notary Association in Washington, D.C. on for the official presentation of the landmark new book “Why Coolidge Matters” to the Library of Congress.

The highly anticipated August 3 release comes at a time when partisan politics increasingly supersedes the business of our nation. “Why Coolidge Matters,” revisits the ideals, integrity and commitment to public service that defined the Coolidge Presidency, and in the face of today’s political climate, asks the question: What Would Coolidge Do?

The event, scheduled to be covered by the national media, will feature U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, the President’s great-grandson Christopher Coolidge Jeter, NNA President Milt Valera and several of the book’s renowned authors. The formal ceremony will include readings from the book, along with discussions about the legacy of our nation’s 30th President and how his lessons can be applied to modern American politics and life. Several of the book’s authors will be on hand to sign copies immediately following the ceremony.

Penned by 19 authors including Senator John Kerry and 1988 Democratic Presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, the essays by leading public officials, scholars and historians in “Why Coolidge Matters” honor Coolidge’s ethics and practices — including his strict adherence to impartiality and spirit of placing public interest above personal benefit — and demonstrates how his values can serve as examples to our leaders today.

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