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Is the Notary industry overcrowded?

Updated 9-13-22. Many new Notaries worry that the industry is overcrowded and there are too many Notaries for them to get business. Learn why this is not the case from Sharelle Evans, who recently started a successful career as a Notary and discusses Notary issues on her own YouTube channel, LoveLee Notary.

Is the Notary market oversaturated?

Notaries often ask me on my social media channels, “Is the Notary industry too overcrowded for me to start a business?” The answer is NO! Although there has been an increase in the number of people becoming Notaries in recent years, the market is far from oversaturated. I will explain the reasons why below and provide you with 4 ways to help make sure your Notary business is consistently bringing in customers.

Network with local businesses that require Notary services

You may be surprised to find how many places need different kinds of Notary services in your area if you just go out and look. You can visit local banks, title companies, real estate companies/agents and hospitals and offer to provide Notary services for them, just to start. You don’t have to sit around and hope for someone to call you for a notarization. Be proactive and explore all potential income streams in the community. Don’t assume that other Notaries have snapped up all the potential work in your area, because often that’s not the case.

When you visit these places, you want to make a good first impression and ensure that they remember you when they need a Notary. For example, when you visit these places bring a gift of treats like cookies or other snacks. It’s a great way to start a conversation and helps make sure that they remember you! It’s also a good idea to hand out pens, business cards, lanyards and other marketing tools with your contact information on it to anyone you speak with.

Use the Support of Your Fellow Notaries

A common worry I hear is that there are too many Notaries in the industry and there isn’t enough work to go around. While there are many other Notaries out there, you shouldn’t view them solely as competition — they can also be a valuable support group for your new business. Many Notaries help each other out on social media by sharing tips, helpful information and even offering to cover assignments for each other if someone has a schedule conflict or can’t make it to an appointment because of an emergency.

Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms have groups and hashtags to help you easily find other Notaries and get in touch with them. These Notary groups will allow you to share your experiences and stories, learn about new state rules and regulations and so much more. 

Remote notarization has created new opportunities for Notaries in many states

If you’re in a state that allows remote online notarization (RON), this is a great way to find new customers in other states and in some cases, even other countries — and you can do it without leaving home! Becoming a remote Notary doesn’t require you to learn advanced tech skills, either.  In addition to your Notary commission, you may need to register as an online Notary with your state, sign up with an approved RON technology platform or get an e-Seal or digital certificate, depending on your state’s laws.

Find New Opportunities Beyond Your Local Area

If you are having a hard time finding work in your immediate area, don’t be afraid to reach out to businesses and signing companies you work with. Ask them what they are looking for from Notaries. Be willing to travel to other surrounding areas to see if there are opportunities there. And don’t forget, situations may change and these companies may have Notary work for you in the future.

Even if a company doesn’t need your services right now, leave your contact information with them and keep your online Notary directory profile updated so people know you are able to take signings. If they need a notarization on short notice in the future, you may get a call when you don’t expect it.

If you’re concerned about the Notary industry being overcrowded or saturated, these are valid fears. However, there are plenty of ways for Notaries to find new opportunities, even if they have a lot of competition in their local area. Keep in mind that other Notaries can also be a source of advice and may even pass along assignments sometimes.

Sharelle Evans was formerly in corporate healthcare and decided to quit her job to pursue a career as a Notary and Signing Agent. She started her own YouTube channel for Notaries,  LoveLee Notary, with more than 5,000 subscribers. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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Ardel Richter

20 Sep 2021

Many areas are oversaturated with new, inexperienced notaries who are accepting fees with no profit or even a loss 'to gain experience'. This oversaturation has lead to a marked decrease in fees offered. Further, expanding your service area only means more expense and you are less likely to get a distant job for a higher fee, so that idea is pretty much a no-starter.

Candice Angotti

21 Sep 2021

You make this sound like such a cake walk for a newbie. With Covid all around us you can't just walk into a title company, or real estate firm. Many are working from home and not in their brick and mortar offices anymore. I have worked hard to market my name on line and use SEO. It has paid off. I'm listed in many 'national notary directories' and often get calls from out of state title companies and law firms that need someone in my area. I do a good job and then I get repeat business from them. As far as RON signings need to have a thorough knowledge of legal documents and many 'wet signings' under your belt before you can become a successful RON notary.

Conni Canaday

08 Oct 2021

I disagree and I think your article doesn't into consideration that it depends on the area in you're in, what city and state. I've noticed even the lowest offers are being accepted anymore, which is driving down the offered rates. i agree with Ardel about expanding your service area, it may not pay off. I see jobs for areas around me that are two hour drive each way with pay offered at 60.00, it doesn't pay to expand my service area with rates like that.

Lisa Chachula

31 Aug 2022

My notary business went from a very sustainable and comfortable income source to hardly any assignments. Many of the business that would assign notary work have gone out of business or, as one commenter pointed out, dropping their offerings to 50 to 60 on a refi with scans. I pay nearly that amount on fuel let alone, when you take into consideration over head costs, you are pretty much working for free.

Betty J Dedman

19 Sep 2022

AGREED! Offers are low around here lately and low bids are being accepted. I pay for ALL OF MY SUPPLIES, and I think that there are inexperienced NSA's who are using somebody else's printers, etc., therefore able to make a small profit from a ridiculously low fee. HOWEVER, it all goes in waves. If we continue this economy there should be many loan modifications in our futures, many of which are short and sweet.

Jocelyn Waters

13 Nov 2023

I very much disagree. The NNA CANNOT give you an unbiased opinion, because they are in the business of getting more people to become Notaries and Signing Agents, because that's how they make their money. This article is a "conflict of interest" article. There are WAY too many NSA's these days, and consequently, they fees just keep going down because of the over saturation. I have been in the business for 18 years.


14 Apr 2024

Thanks 🙏 for all great info,I live in Ohio, I just keep hearing all kinds of stories why not get in this field

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