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5 Tips For Notaries Starting A Business

Notary-open-biz-resized.jpgUpdated 7-10-19. You’ve got your Notary commission and you want to start a new business as a Notary. But you’re not quite sure what comes next. Don’t worry — two successful, self-employed Notaries, Daniel Lewis of Indiana and Marcy Tiberio of New York, offer some valuable suggestions to help you get your Notary business started on the right foot.

1. Start with what you know, then branch out.

When starting out, focus on building your business one service at a time. Many new Notaries try to offer several kinds of services immediately: loan signings, general consumer work, loan modifications, auto loans, annuities, debt settlement, etc. However, when you lack experience, it’s easy to make mistakes that can hurt your business and cost you future work. Instead, start with one or two services and get comfortable with them. When you have more experience under your belt, then you can add more services to increase your business. What you don’t want to have happen is that you over extend yourself, make mistakes and lose work.

2. Connect with other Notaries.

Finding a Notary willing to mentor you is crucial. A mentor, ideally someone in your state, can offer guidance, support and ideas to help you launch and grow your business. They can also be a great resource for getting jobs. You can help with their overflow when they are booked and refer work to them that may be outside of your comfort zone.

Networking with other Notary professionals is one of the best ways to increase your business without encountering significant cost. People like to do business with people that they trust and like, and networking is about building relationships. Most NSAs who have long-term success rely on Notary networks.

3. Never stop educating yourself.

The laws and rules governing Notaries, and the expectations for Signing Agents, are constantly changing. If you want to avoid mistakes and keep your business growing, always keep up with the latest developments. Here are a few quick tips that will make a dramatic difference with your Notary career: 

  • Read and review the Notary guide for your state. In many states you can download and print your state’s Notary guide online along with the most updated Notary laws.
  • Attend workshops and conferences, both locally and nationally, that offer training and presentations to improve your knowledge.
  • Check with your state commissioning office or professional Notary associations such as the NNA for answers to Notary-related questions.

4. Make a business plan and follow it.

Whether you are a new Notary starting a business for the very first time or a seasoned professional, having a plan is essential for success. A business plan will help you anticipate and overcome financial or legal obstacles you may encounter over time that may not be obvious at first.

Developing the right plan can help you with starting or expanding your business, and knowing what resources you will need to assure your success. Having a business plan also helps you figure out how much to charge for your services and what type of business model you should develop.

5. Market yourself and your services.

Developing a strong marketing plan can make or break your business. Marketing in the Notary profession has changed over the years. At one time, a Notary could make a decent income by just posting a simple profile online and then waiting for the phone to ring from potential customers — but that’s no longer the case. You need to develop a strategy to get the word out about your Notary services — both online and in your local community. Let local businesses, schools, churches, insurance agencies, banks, real estate professionals and your friends and family know that you are a professional Notary and that you are available for their Notary needs. 

You should also make sure that you are advertising your business on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you plan to do loan document signings, you also want to ensure your profile appears on sites like and includes the most up-to-date information. 

Daniel Lewis, the NNA’s 2010 Notary of the Year, is the owner of Lewis Notary Services, Inc. and a contributor to the Notary Bulletin. Marcy Tiberio is a NNA 2015 Notary of the Year Honoree and owner of Professional Notary Services, Inc., in Rochester, New York. She can be reached at



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Janie Hicks

05 Jul 2017

This is very informative.

ashraf zaman

28 Mar 2018

simply fantastic


24 Apr 2018

Do I need a business license to get started?

National Notary Association

24 Apr 2018

Hello. We would recommend contacting the agency that issues business licenses in your city or county to ask if they require you to apply for a business license.

Katherine Karrington Tyson

04 Jun 2018

Thanks for the tips, I needed it.

Sheila P. Henry

20 Jun 2018

Thanks for the wonderful information....

Gregory Maynard

24 Jun 2018

Just starting out and looking for more info. I'm in TX.

National Notary Association

27 Jun 2018

Hello Gregory. You can find more articles with business tips here:

Crystal Jones

09 Jul 2018

I am just starting out and this was great information

Lisa Ann Robinson

20 Jan 2019

Thanks for sharing and awesome information.

Angela M Winslett

08 Feb 2019

This is great information for a “newbie” like me; much appreciated...:)

Myiesha Daniels

10 Jul 2019

This article was very helpful.

Regina Ross

15 Jul 2019

The information is awesome for new beginners lije myself. Sincere thanks

Mikael D. Rawlings

17 Jul 2019

I have never made one red cent.

Craig Snyder

17 Jul 2019

Very informative, just the kind of information was looking for to help me gete businesz going and how to make it grow. Thanks

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