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22 Ways To Make Money As A Notary

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Updated 9-22-21. “How can I make money as a Notary?” That’s one of the most common questions I hear from Notaries.

Whether you’re a new Notary or a seasoned signing agent, here is a list of things you can do right now to boost your brand, make yourself known to more customers and earn more money as a Notary:

1. Tell people that you are a Notary.

This sounds so simple, but if you were to survey half the people you encounter each day, many of them do not know that you are a Notary who can help them.

2. Hand out promotional pens. 

Make promotional pens with your business logo and and hand them out to bank tellers, post office clerks, insurance agents, financial advisors, FedEx/UPS personnel, restaurant staff, grocery cashiers and everywhere else you visit that sees a large group of people during the day that can use your service.

You will be surprised at how much business you will receive by doing this.

3. Attend networking meetings in your area.

Business and trade events are excellent opportunities to promote your Notary commission with other professionals.

4. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

Attending Chamber of Commerce meetings regularly adds credibility to your business and your branding strategy. I would highly recommend volunteering for the Membership Committee and attending Ribbon Cutting Events for new businesses opening in your area. This will allow you to welcome the new business owners to the area and gives you yet another opportunity to share your services.

5. Provide free notarizations for local schools.

It keeps your business in the minds of your community and affects the civic-minded parents in your area.

6. Offer free notarizations for veterans. 

Offering free services to veterans, such as members of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, is a great way to give back to veterans and local leadership.

7. Organize a community shred day.

I am currently organizing one of these, and I’m surprised at how many people have expressed an interest in participating. (National Shred Days raise awareness of identity fraud.) 

8. Co-sponsor financial literacy seminars.

This is a lot easier than you might think. Simply contact a business professional in these areas from a bank, real estate agency or other local financial service to host the event. You do all the (social media) marketing and they provide the expertise. This will be a win-win for all that involved.

9. Offer seminars about identity theft.

As Notaries, we are experts in our local area when it comes to identity, and this allows you to build an “expert” reputation in your community.

10. Advertise your holiday schedule.

Whether it’s Columbus Day, Labor Day, President’s Day or others, and all the banks and credit unions are closed. Usually on holidays, I receive the largest volume of calls for notarizations because people simply can’t find anyone else.

11. Network with local mail delivery services.

At this time, FedEx stores are not offering Notary services, and many UPS stores only offer limited service. Connecting with UPS and FedEx store managers is a good way to find assignments. After receiving referrals, I have conducted Notary assignments for each.

12. Have logo shirts made and wear them to local events.

This is a great way to advertise that you are in the Notary business.

13. Join a Notary professional organization.

Joining an organization like the NNA offers opportunities to stay in touch with the latest changes in the industry and new marketing prospects.

14. Network with other Notaries in your area.

This is one of the most important things you can do to build your business. Professional Notaries network with other Notaries in surrounding towns in order to build their clientele.

15. Post a profile on Notary websites.

Doing this is like broadcasting your business with a megaphone to clients who use Notaries on a regular basis. is an excellent example of a website where professional Notaries can post their profile. Make sure to include a professional picture in your profile when possible. 

16. Find a mentor.

Having a business mentor will not only help you make more money as a Notary, but will also help keep you from making major business mistakes.

17. Become a mentor to another Notary.

I have personally grown as a professional after becoming a mentor, and this role has helped me build a more holistic, well-integrated business.

18. Develop a business page on social media.

Creating a business page on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and inviting people to your page is extremely important to your business. It will build your professional network and can drive your business into increased profits and success. Feel free to invite me to your pages.

19. Follow up with your existing customers.

This is an often overlooked must-do, but maintaining and managing relationships with your existing customers is one key to your success.

20. Attend professional conferences and workshops.

I attended my first National Notary Association Conference several years ago in Las Vegas, and have attended every one since. I cannot stress how important it is to be in attendance each and every year to learn from the very best in the industry. It has helped me to grow my business and partner with some of the best in the field. What you will learn at these events will eliminate years of struggling as a notary entrepreneur.

21. Start accepting credit cards as payment.

Accepting all forms of payment opens more doors and revenue streams for your Notary business.

22. Place a large sign or Notary business logo on your car.

Notaries around the country frequently do this and report great successes.   

Implementing just a few of these techniques is well worth the effort and will help you strategically grow your business.   

Daniel Lewis of Carmel, Indiana, is the founder of Lewis Notary Services, Inc., a nationwide scheduling service. He is the 2010 NNA Notary of the Year and also the co-author of the Notary business guide book, “Make Your Business Our Business.” 



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Joan A. Baffa

11 May 2015

Excellent suggestions; I'll let you know if and when they work! Many thanks - jab

Darrell Guynes

11 May 2015

The title of the article is "22 ways to make money as a notary". The actual article appears to be ways to INCREASE your income as a notary. To me, these are different things.


17 May 2015

I agree with Darrell.

Jay Schankman

18 May 2015

Great tips! I have yet to implement some of these activities, and I thank you for sharing.

Rose Henderson

18 May 2015

The first point really does sound incredibly simple. So much so that I laughed quietly to myself. However, it's so simple that people could easily look past it. It's smart to have some business cards as well when you tell people you're a notary. That way you can easily give them your information should they require your services.

Mister J

03 Aug 2015

"Provide free notarizations for the local high school athletics department." But in the NNA's Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility, it says "All should be charged the same, or none should be charged." That means you shouldn't pick and choose whom you will assess a fee to.

04 Sep 2015

Some of these suggest are kinda of dumb...waiters do not care if you're a notary or not!


09 Feb 2016

I believe some states allow NP's to perform marriage ceremonies.


10 Feb 2016

This article is very deceiving, many of these suggestions seem to be more about paying out money than making money. I feel with any business you have to do some marketing and networking, but to me none of these show me how I can go out and start making money now.

National Notary Association

10 Feb 2016

Hello Twynette. If you're looking for more specific information on alternate income opportunities, perhaps these articles can help you:

Walter Cork

10 Feb 2016

Waiters may not care but they lend pens to customers who sign credit card receipts.

Elizabeth Rabon

15 Feb 2016

Great suggestions!!


22 Feb 2016

Great suggestions! Suggestions are just that, share them, use them if one wishes!

Richard Nest, Bardstown KY

22 Feb 2016

If you take one idea, it called stealing. If you take more than one, its call research. I thank you for the research. I am going to take more than one. Some great info


05 Mar 2016

Great tips that I can definitely apply.

Bonnie L Ely

06 Mar 2016

Absolutely none of these ideas are dumb. As far as some of them costing money well it takes money to make money and no one said you had to take all 22 of them. But its not like any of them are going to break the bank. The idea that offering free services to a select few deserving people is in anyway inappropriate is ludicrous, do you begrudge the police officer his free coffee at the corner store or the active duty soldier their discount at local businesses? Of course not. I feel more inclined to give my business to a company that acknowledges the special services these people offer. I mean can you really think that helping out the high school teams student body could do anything but make you look like a hero?


26 Jun 2016

I normally don't leave negative feedback but these suggestions are sort of dumb for the title of this "people are always asking how to make money as a notary", so buys pens and hand them out to your waiter. We seem to be on a subject of making "more" money when I'm still looking for your suggestions on how to make it to begin it. If I make $2.00 per signature, buy pens and cards to hand out and notarized for free, oops I haven't made more money at all, seems I now can't afford my membership and certifications.

Cathy Ecton

19 Sep 2016

I believe the article is relevant. You have to spend money to make money.

Debra Ham

21 Sep 2016

Notarizing for veterans, what a fantastic idea. Thank you

Sandra LaRise

26 Sep 2016

I do a lot of free signings for members of a club I belong to. It's nice to be able to give back. For doing free notarizations it has produced other notarizations that I get referred and it outside the members club!

Carmen Gonzalez

26 Dec 2016

I will certainly try all an I'm positive it will be a successful 2017

Dr. Eric T. Martin

26 Dec 2016

Alow me to thank you for your email message entiled, "22 Ways of Making Money as a Notary". I would greatly appreciate more information regarding this topic since we have not as yet been active in the Notary Market Place and would like to be more financially productive. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Dr. Eric T. Martin

National Notary Association

27 Dec 2016

Hello. You can read more articles on this topic in the Bulletin's "Alternate Income Opportunities" section ( We're glad you found the article helpful. Have a great day!

ruby mendenhall

26 Dec 2016

I agree with Mister J03 Aug 2015 you have to charge or not to charge you can not choose. another thing is that you can only charge so much like $ 5 a document and the maximum for travel set by the IRS allotment..

Renee Coleman

26 Dec 2016

I'm looking forward to becoming a notary signing agent. My mind was opened on how to market my business. Thank you. tJr7g4


26 Dec 2016

I agree with everything the other people leaving comments are saying, i have not made any money so far, but people from chicago, and michigan, and iowa asknme can i notarize a document and i don't know if i can in other states, im licensed in indiana, can someone answer that????

National Notary Association

27 Dec 2016

Hello. Indiana Notaries only may notarize within their own state ((IC 33-42-2-1[b] and 33-42-1-1)), so you cannot notarize when you travel outside the borders of Indiana.

Bernardo Ochoa

05 Jan 2017

Excellent tips to start 2017 with a brighter perspective.


07 Jan 2017

Thank you for sharing!


01 Feb 2017

Great advice on how to let others know you're a notary. Putting it out there when you are talking to people even waiters is a great way to get business some how some way people remember or they'll ask you for your number just in case, that is how I have gotten my business someone will remember I'm a notary and will pass on the word to someone else and there I go..This advice is great for Notaries like me I have a day job and do notary work evenings and weekends.


02 Feb 2017

I'ce been notary my whole life, My experiences, personally and professionally, have taught me that innovation is continuous. I recently decided to take my business a step further, expanding to Maryland. I hired an agency to develop an SEO strategy. Sales deriving from SEO have improved monthly profit margins. We will be modifying our business structure because of the results. We are very happy. for those who fear an investment in internet marketing, we are a success story. Dalai Group is the agency we used to manage our Maryland SEO ( campaign. They were very commited to the project from the start.

Emerson Bran

09 Mar 2017

The title should be "22 ways to market as a Notary", title is deceiving.

02 May 2017

I love these ideas. Some of these things are free too or do not cost a lot of money. I am glad that I found this article.

Mister J

08 Jun 2017

I repeat, doing free notarizations for some people but charging others is against the NNA's Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility. As a Notary Public, you are not just a business. You are an impartial, neutral public official. All should be treated equally. You should NOT decide that some people or organizations get free notarizations but others don't simply based on your personal judgment of their merit.

Phyllis Turner

09 Jun 2017

The title should be "Ways to Market Your Notary Services & Make Yourself Extra Busy" but, yes, some decent tips included here.

Mike Revels

19 Jun 2017

I liked to different ways you cna make money as an NP. I will try some but other ways can you do so if you are just getting started? I think there are some ways you can free business cards and advertising? Do anyone know of any of this?

National Notary Association

19 Jun 2017

Hi Mike. This article has some links to lower-cost advertising resources you may find helpful:

David Colgna

28 Jul 2017

Sounds like work.


04 Sep 2017

I have found that in order to make money as a notary you need to do loan documents like refinances, HELOCS, home purchases etc. I dont see any way a notary can make money doing individual notary jobs cause there is a max we can charge. Pens wont do it at all. That was not even close to being a good suggestion. Networking was a good suggestion. Do it with title and escrow people. I get the feeling NNA threw this together to have something on their site, simply to have something. Some of the suggestions will get you business but again we can only charge a few dollars. I dont think a community shred day is going to land you much other then people getting rid of trash for free but it sounds good in an article. That pen idea was insulting.


16 Oct 2017

How do you make money when by law you can only charge $10 per signing?

Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile

16 Oct 2017

Great advice on how to let others know you're a notary! I find that word of mouth brings in more clicens then anything.


31 Oct 2017

I'm surprised you didn't mention Authentication as a way to make a significant additional source of income. Many notaries send me documents to process at the State Department. This is 3rd party arrangement that allows them have a service through our company. They notorized the document and send me the part that needs to go the the State Department and embassies.

William White

05 Nov 2017

In some states, it's a requirement that Notary's are paid state mandated fees. So check the law or local notary webpage before you listen to some of this advice.


15 Nov 2017

never be notary because notary always all get sued in the end even if he do nothing wrong

Birdena Sanchez

13 Dec 2017

I have been a Notary for 13 years not nearly as long as some but I find some of these comments a little frightening. Like not knowing if you can notarize outside the state you are commissioned in. Also to not know that a Notary can charge whatever they need to for travel, that is not regulated by the IRS. Mileage for tax purposes for the IRS is a separate issue. I have purchased pens for years to leave my customers as gifts. Notaries do a tremendous amount of writing and I consider good pens a necessity. I am going to order some less expensive pens for passing out. I think that is a good idea. You can find some for as little as 50 cents. And it is a write off for tax purposes for advertising. NNA codes of conduct are fine suggestions but they are not the law. I do on occasion not charge for a Notarization when I know the circumstances warrant that. It is not against the law. Look at the Banks that notarize documents at no charge for their customers. I find many people are just not able to use sound reason anymore, therefore the quibbling about whether this article was titled correctly. Really? I will make one suggestion. I do a lot of Trust documents for law offices. I love doing them and would take them over loans any day.


21 Dec 2017

I just come to this article to check what a notary can do or how they make money. It helped me to understand about notary's activity.

Fanny Machin

04 Apr 2018

Thank you for the suggestions...

Stephanie E Scott

03 Aug 2018

I think the suggestions were helpful if a person chooses to do those things. I also would like to make more money as a Notary but it will not just happen like magic. I have to market myself just like with any other business. The pens are good because people like free stuff no matter what and if it costs me $50.00 for 100 pens which could lead to future business, that is a small price to pay. If you are not willing to invest in your own business, who else would be willing to give you the secrets that have made money for them. Not many. The fact someone was even willing to offer tips on how we could make more money is helpful in itself.

Angela V Mobile Notary

22 Oct 2018

Great Suggestions and remember not everything is for everyone, take what works for you. I agree with Birdena especially regarding mobile fees and trust documents. I would also suggest listings at Yelp and Google as no cost advertising to start and commenting on your online member sites while you keep yourself updated!


05 Nov 2018

Was looking for ways to make money as a notary - this is just an article on how to market yourself. Totally misleading headline.

Fred Merriam

17 Jun 2019

Notarization should be a service, not a source of income (and I know most of you disagree with me)!

Sandy shaffner

17 Jun 2019

I can’t do anything because you have never sent me my stamp

National Notary Association

18 Jun 2019

Hello. If you are having an issue with a stamp order, you can contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-876-6827 or to ask for assistance.

Phyllis Denison

17 Jun 2019

I am a Notary in AZ. I do Notary services at our Local So.AZ Home for Veterans located on the campus of the VA. I was doing them Pro Bono. Then I was advised that if I was audited and the state saw that I charged others, I could lose my commission - that I had to either charge all or none. So I now charge.

Tim Gatewood

29 Jun 2019

These are not ways to make money. These are ways to market your services. Huge difference. There are only 4 ways to make money as a notary. Employee, GNW, NSA, and expert (trainer/speaker/writer). That's it. Everything else is variations or marketing.


06 Aug 2019


National Notary Association

07 Aug 2019

Hello. The amount Notaries may charge for their services is set by state law. For more information, please see here:


14 Mar 2020

Marketing will help to make your money, all that is adviced is a great idea.

David V Fuentes

14 May 2020

Get Experience, get Education, the more you know the more you do, the more you earn.

26 Jun 2020

Might want to do a spell check. “Veterams” of Foreign Affairs

National Notary Association

26 Jun 2020

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We've corrected the spelling error.

Gretchen M Platt

14 Jul 2020

Is there a format to performing weddings, or do you use the format found in churches?

National Notary Association

15 Jul 2020

Hello. Please see this article for more information:

D. London

06 Oct 2020

Thank You!


09 Nov 2020

To be honest your article is informative and very helpful. After i saw your site and i read it and it help me a lot. Thanks for share your kind information.

Frances Hawkins

15 Dec 2020

This information was so great, got my wheels turning, ready to take my business to the next level, I’m already a Notary. And will be a loan signing notary in the couple of days, I will take this information and apply it to my business.

Kim Ellis

08 Feb 2021

These are great pointers and has given me creative ideas! Thanks for the article!

Stan Darin smith

31 Mar 2021

Great suggestions!

01 Aug 2021

Just like the very first commenter on this thread from 4 years ago, I too am stymied by how I can make a true income when I am limited to only charging $10 for a signing. Do you just make up for that by inflating mobile notary travel fees?

Linda J Todd

31 Aug 2021

Some of these responses are just petty. You can always go to another site and find what your are seeking. As a new notary, some of the suggestions were helpful.


31 Aug 2021

Any Commissioned Officer in the military can notarize docs and the Admin Officer, XO and CO have use of the command seal, as legit as a notary stamp!

National Notary Association

29 Sep 2021

Hello. Yes, this is correct as long as they are on active duty and the notarization is taking place for a person also on active duty.

Linda Mercer

31 Aug 2021

Thank you for the information.

Karin Ashby

27 Sep 2021

Great advice. However, I would add that you need to know your state law on fees. In some states, you set your rate and are required to charge everyone the same fees. My point on this is in reference to providing volunteer work which would be contrary to some state laws if your Jurat or Acknowledgement fee is set and posted in accordance with Secretary of State requirements. You would need to charge everyone the same fee regardless.

Yink Aikens

15 Oct 2021

This is more about networking than making money, but still good info.

Chuck Bruscell

15 Nov 2021

Another spellcheck suggestion under "Develop a business page on social media" - Faceboo rather than Facebook.

National Notary Association

15 Nov 2021

Hello. We've corrected the typo. Thanks for letting us know.

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