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4 Steps To Starting A Successful Notary Business (Infographic)

Updated 6-2-21. I’ve traveled around the country for business for more than a decade. On these trips, I have discovered that Notaries launched their own business in a variety of ways. Some become interested after encountering a Notary Signing Agent during a refinance or real estate transaction. Others eventually become Notaries as a requirement of their jobs, but then look to use their commissions to earn more money beyond the workplace. But there are a few things that successful Notary businesses have in common. Here are four steps to starting your own Notary business.

Read more about starting your own Notary business.



Step 1. Write Your Business Plan

Scripting a business plan helps you review every aspect of your firm. A detailed plan will help you stay organized and gain a deeper understanding about your market. A good business plan also establishes certain key benchmarks for your business, such as revenue goals and number of clients. Like many others, I didn’t know how to write my own Notary business plan at first, so I recommend using

Score is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground and achieve goals through education and mentorship. Considered a trusted source for small business plans, offers free webinars and business advisors to help you formulate a great business plan.

Step 2. Hone Your Self-Development

Take the time and make the commitment to invest in your greatest resource — you. For example, in order to become better at social media marketing, you might wake up 30 minutes earlier each morning to read a trade journal or a book that increases your knowledge base. Excellent books on social media marketing include Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky and Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson.

Because loan-signing assignments often form the core business for Notary entrepreneurs, you should make sure to keep up with the demands of complying with increasing government regulation and industry requirements. This will keep you in the game and make you more competitive.

Step 3. Find A Mentor

Mentoring focuses on pairing you with a more experienced business owner, which can substantially increase your chances of building a busy and successful practice. Your mentor may eventually facilitate sharing knowledge, skills and insights through dialogue and collaborative learning.  

Mentoring also encourages engagement and continual learning. You’ll most likely find an appropriate Notary mentor by attending local or national Notary workshops, which provide a large pool of prospects. You can also find a mentor through the NNA’s online communities.

Step 4. Join A National Or Local Notary Association

Workshops and professional memberships help you stay up to date on new laws and compliance issues, assist with expansion and boost your networking opportunities. Several associations even donate to your local community by sponsoring scholarships and grants.

Remember, all of us have distinct personalities and diverse life experiences to draw from. Mastering these four strategies doesn't guarantee instant success, but it does increase your chances of being a successful and service-driven Notary.

Daniel Lewis of Carmel, Indiana, is the founder of Lewis Notary Services, Inc., a nationwide mobile Notary service. He also teaches Notary best practices and is the NNA’s 2010 Notary of the Year.

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Joan A. Baffa

04 May 2015

Excellent advice; does the NNA have a mentoring program per se? Please and thnx

Michael Gilman

04 May 2015

Daniel, Great Article and thank you for mention SCORE! We have over 11,000 volunteers and 307 chapters across the country. SCORE mentoring services only cost is YOUR Time and Effort.. there is never a charge for our time or knowledge. Being a Notary Signing Agent myself as well as a SCORE mentor, I mentor many Notaries across the country.


04 May 2015

Michael, I just became a notary and will be taking the proper course for Title Producer this week, and 'first steps' I should do to get this started with this new venture?

Rhonda Anthony

03 May 2016

Great article!

Mark Wills

25 Jan 2017

Great advice! As far as finding a mentor, LinkedIn groups are good and there are a few Facebook groups as well. My course includes personal mentorship for loan signings as well!

Charlene Daniels

09 Apr 2018

Excellent advice, thank you

Chris Harmon

10 Apr 2018

This was a good read and very inspiring

Loretta Chambers

20 Apr 2018

Wouldn't really appreciate any guidance I might receive.

Carol Walton

08 May 2018

I have been a Notary for more than 10 years but not using it to benefit myself to be self sufficient as a business, so I am tired of sitting on this and not using it, so I need a mentor to start a business and make some money with what I have been blessed to obtained. So please connect me with someone that doesn't mind helping others out. I am 65 years of age and thinking of retiring from the school system in a couple of years, but I don't want to wait and start then, I want business now, so help, someone help. Mrs. Carol Walton I need a mentor for my own business

National Notary Association

08 May 2018

Hello! We suggest looking for a mentor in your area through our social media community on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can start getting involved with our social media community here:

Glendoria Darnell Burris

10 Sep 2018

What is a Title Producer, is it the same as a Signing Agent? Someone in the comment section stated that they were a Title Producer.

National Notary Association

11 Sep 2018

Hello. No, a Title Producer is not the same thing as a Notary Signing Agent. A Signing Agent is a Notary that is qualified to perform extra administrative and courier tasks that come with a loan document signing, such as obtaining signatures and initials, mailing the completed loan package, etc.

Blanca Farias

02 Mar 2020

Please send me more information

Robert Dassy

20 Feb 2021

Greetings. what are your views( pros and cons) on signing up with a title, or loan signing company to get started as a new comer to the notary business

National Notary Association

25 Feb 2021

Hello. This article and video discuss the pros and cons of working with signing services vs. directly with mortgage professionals:

Karen Dorrough

22 Feb 2021

I really appreciate the information in the article. I am a Notary in Michigan and I am always open to grow. How can I write off my Notary equipment and car expenses through filing taxes?

National Notary Association

26 Feb 2021

Hello. For any questions about your individual tax situation and deducting your equipment and vehicle expenses, the best resource is contacting the IRS or a qualified tax preparer for assistance.


11 Aug 2021

i became a notary about a year ago and have had only 3 signings.i live in Carson California and really need a mentor to help me to get going or advice.thank you laura

Terry Rowe

27 Jan 2023

I live in N MI and would like to find an in person MI mentor to start a mobile notary and become digital signing agent. I've been a banker, realtor and now plan to begin this new business in 2023 What is the best way to find this. I also need direction for education & prefer to go to class or seminars in person...?

National Notary Association

13 Feb 2023

Good morning. This article has tips on finding a Notary mentor in your area:

Carol "CJ" Buck

11 Dec 2023

I am a new Notary Public and Certified LSA. I started my business last month with an EIN, Insurance, LLC, DBA Signatures of the Pines. I am a retired nurse and former legal assistant and have joined NNA and registered with a few places for business, i.e. Find a Notary, Signing, National, etc. I really am looking for assistance with getting started in the community and would love to find a local friend and Mentor to guide me. I volunteer with children's golf and a newcomers social group and other community groups. You can view my profile on Please forward or contact me with any help or advise in finding a mentor near me.

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