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Five tips for putting together a Notary business plan

Updated 2-5-24. Whether you’re starting out as mobile Notary, Notary Signing Agent or looking to expand an existing business, a good business plan will keep you organized and focused on the essentials. Here are five tips for creating a solid business plan from David Howell, a Texas Notary, business owner and mentor with SCORE, a national nonprofit association that helps small businesses get off the ground.

1. Define the service your business will provide.

The first and most important part of your business plan is to define exactly what Notary services your business will offer. “Notaries come in all shapes and sizes, so you have to ask yourself what you are going to do with your business,” Howell said. For example, will you focus solely on loan document services or offer general notarization services to the public? If your state authorizes it, do you wish to offer remote notarization services? Do you want to target a specific clientele, such as healthcare facilities and senior centers, or broaden your services to the general public? Will you provide services in a single area or are you willing to travel, and if so how far? “You’re not ready to move forward until you can answer the following question in a clear, simple way: ‘How will I deliver my services and to whom?’” Howell said.

2. Decide what type of business entity you wish to form.

Once you’ve defined your business, Howell says the next step is to research and determine what kind of business entity — such as a sole proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company — works best for you. Depending on budget and preference, Notaries may wish to research and apply to form a business themselves or consult with an attorney to assist with startup paperwork. Howell suggested Notaries visit the websites for their Secretary of State, state comptroller and the IRS to research different types of business entities and obtain necessary application instructions and forms.

3. Organize a startup and operating budget.

You’ll need to put together a budget of startup and operating costs for your business, including commission and Notary tools, office supplies and equipment, and startup and business filing costs. Howell strongly recommended that new business owners obtain errors and omissions insurance to cover them in the event of a claim for a notarization issue. He also recommended obtaining a general business owner’s policy that offers protection against accidents on the job and other business-related liability issues not covered by Notary E&O policies. Howell suggested speaking with an independent insurance agent who’s familiar with both Notary E&O and general insurance to help select what coverage is best suited for your business.

If you need a loan to help start your business, there are several options available including local banks, the Small Business Administration or even through family or friends. New business owners should research terms and availability of a startup loan and include them into the budget plan, Howell said.

4. Include ways to market yourself and reach customers in your business plan.

It’s important that your plan includes marketing strategies such as a business web page, social media page or listing for online directories such as Many new business owners don’t put enough preparation into advertising, finding new business or retaining customers, Howell said. “You will need to come up with ways to reach out regularly to clients, suppliers and vendors. Create and sustain value for your customers,” he said. “If you don’t stay in front of your customers, someone else will.”

5. Set a schedule to assess how your business is performing on a regular basis.

Include a periodic assessment of how your company is doing as part of your business plan, Howell said. Each month or business quarter, you should review how your business is doing, see if you met your financial goals, and review what work strategies paid off or failed so you stay flexible and successful. “Many businesses don’t do that,” Howell said. “It’s important to stop for a moment, put your head above the trees, and see what’s been happening.”

David Thun is the Editorial Manager at the National Notary Association.

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05 Mar 2014

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Ardel Richter

10 Oct 2014

While the fee for notarization is generally fixed by your state, other fees, such as travel, may or may not be...know what your state laws are. However, when in business, do the math to be sure that whatever fee you are quoting takes into account ALL costs and expenses of doing business and then ADD YOUR PROFIT. If you don't, you're not in business; you simply have a not-for-profit hobby.

Iris Fister

23 Feb 2019

I need help with writing a Notary Signing Agent Business Plan. Can you refer me to someone.

Adele Dodd

08 Apr 2020

How do I become an agent in Texas. I have my notary but, how are people actually making a living off this, in Texas, when the state, has set fees?

National Notary Association

09 Apr 2020

Hello. Please see here for more information:

Nancy Withrow

27 Oct 2020

Hello: I am anew notary public in Los Angeles, CA. I would like to meet some experienced notary's near by and work with them. Happy to do so on volunteer basis until they feel comfortable with my skills.

Erica T Simmons

12 Jun 2021

Hi, I’m a new notary service in the Attorney State of SC. I’m looking for a mentor or seasoned mobile notary to collab with.

ozella grimes

21 Jun 2021

I'm a new notary in Houston, and I'm looking for a mentor to shadow and get help with making a business plan correctly.

National Notary Association

21 Jun 2021

Hello. You may find the tips in this article helpful:

Treisha Winter

27 Jun 2021

I'm a new notary in Dallas, TX and I'm looking for a mentor to shadow and get help with making a business plan correctly and also on how to start.

National Notary Association

01 Jul 2021

Hello. You may find this article helpful in looking for a mentor:

Susan Masseo Ashworth

30 Aug 2021

I have had my mobile notary business since 2019. I need help in writing a good business plan and finding a mentor in Florida. I’m in the panhandle.

Ashley Isaksen

04 Jan 2022

I am a new public notary and Notary Signing Agent in Brevard County, Florida, and I am looking for help creating a business plan. I am also looking for a reliable mentor. Can anyone help?

17 Mar 2022

Do you all know of any potential grant opportunities for a notary start-up?

Jean Claude casseus

10 May 2022

I am a new a new public notary and Notary Signing Agent in Broward County,Florida.I would like to meet some experienced Notary’s and at the same time looking for a mentor

Ashley Isaksen

28 Apr 2023

I am a certified Notary Signing Agent looking for a mentor to shadow in the area of Brevard County, Florida.

National Notary Association

01 May 2023

Hello. Please be aware that due to privacy concerns, Notary Signing Agents normally cannot allow other parties to accompany them to watch loan signings. Please see this article for more information:

Aprelle Brown

14 Dec 2023

I am a new Notary Public in Horry County (Conway), SC. I am looking for mentor in my area who can help me establish my signing business.


30 Jan 2024

Message For Business Plans


22 Feb 2024

Hello I am a new notary in San Antonio. I am looking for a mentor.

Mary Lincoln

22 Feb 2024

I need to partner with an experience notary in another state that can assist me with my notary business. I am located in Ohio. To assist me with my website. So that I can expand my business. I do an ad in the Neighbor New once a month. I know that is not enough. I am New at this. I register my business with the Ohio state of sectary of state in March of 2023.

20 Mar 2024

Looking for group meet ups near me Pomona, CA 91767

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