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Husband and Wife: Notary partners in business and in life

Husband And Wife Notary Team resizedSome people flee their coworkers once the day comes to an end, but these two can’t wait to spend time together outside of the office. Meet Curtis and Barbara Daniels, a husband and wife Notary team from Oceanside, California, who have been in business together for 11 years.

“We are best friends, so it is nice to spend the day with your best friend,” said Curtis. “If we need a break, Barbara ‘suddenly’ has an appointment out of the office.”

Barbara, a former bank teller, has been a mobile Notary and signing agent since 1997. But in 2003, the couple decided to add a storefront to their Notary business model and purchased a Post Net photocopy and printing franchise. The storefront helped them diversify their income opportunities beyond the mobile Notary business.

Curtis obtained his commission in 2007 so they could have a Notary on site during business hours while Barbara continued to take on loan signings and other mobile Notary assignments.

So how do they mesh their work and personal lives? “It helps that we get along,” Curtis said.

Like the best friends they are, Curtis and Barbara cherish their shared daily routines. They begin their days at the gym, then go to work together and often return home together at the end of the day.

“Sometimes we have personal interests after work that we do separately, but sometimes those things involve even more time together such as bowling in a league or attending our children’s sports,” Barbara said. 

Even though they spend so much time together, the couple draws a clear distinction between work and family obligations. “Business is business and home is home,” Barbara said.

The pair has advice for other Notary couples. “Find your niche. It shouldn’t be a competition,” they said. “Find a way that helps each other to be efficient and successful. Utilize each other for reference, quizzes and support.”

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Patrick Hall

24 Jul 2014

We love this! My wife and I are also a notary team at! It has allowed us great flexibility to raise our kids while growing our business. Local businesses can depend on either one of us, although I tend to believe they all like her just a little bit more. For us it's nice to work together as a team in all aspects of life.


28 Jul 2014

Awesome! I hope me and my husband can be as successful!

Candice Limousin

28 Jul 2014

How can I contact Barbara? I love this approach and want to learn more...especially about becoming a signing agent. My husband is a Real Estate Broker.

National Notary Association

28 Jul 2014

Hello Candice. If you can email your contact information to, we'll be happy to forward it to Barbara and let her know you're interested in getting in touch. Have a great day.

Anne D. Harris

28 Jul 2014

for years have been taking my husband along as my "Expert Witness" as FL is a witness state on Mortgage Deed of Trust so the borrowers do not have to get someone and have anybody else "knowing their business" which is important to a lot of the borrowers

Teresa Burrell

28 Jul 2014

@Anne D. Harris Florida is not a witness state for Mortgages, only for Deeds that transfer ownership (ie. Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed). Although Florida's statutes do not require witnesses for Mortgages, there are a couple of County Recorders who do require them. I believe Dixie and Suwanee County Recorders require witnesses on Mortgages.

Yukita Manuel

28 Jul 2014

This encouraged me so much. I look forward to becoming a signing agent in Memphis, TN truly a blessing.

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